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Last Few Weeks

  • Finalized mechanism for e-signing of Committer's Agreements with Harvey and Julie
  • Sent out final reminder to everyone who hasn't yet signed the new Committer's Agreement; deadline is October 12th
  • Posted deletion warning notices to each group on the list of dead discussion forums; deadline for objections is September 11th
  • Proposed policy for dormant accounts, and started working on software to scrape checkin logs for CVS, Hg and SVN so we can implement it
  • Contributed to discussions on the purpose of the Monday meeting; dria seems to me to have pretty much nailed it
  • Analysed data from Diederik van Liere on Bugzilla contributors who have filed a high percentage of non-FIXED bugs; posted in the QA newsgroup asking for ideas on how to reach out to these people
  • Had phone meeting with schrep (now at Facebook, a Bugzilla user) to discuss models for the Bugzilla community
  • Fed the write-up from that meeting back to core community members, and discussion is ongoing
  • Attended Mozilla Labs-themed London Geek Dinner with Pascal Finette
  • Used some personal contacts to get a 3rd party evaluation of the two competing Swahili localizations of Firefox, to help sethb in decision-making (no decision made yet)
  • GSoC has wrapped up, with six of ten students being successful enough to receive the final payment (including one of my two). This percentage is unusually low; I may look more closely into why that might be
  • Arranged transport and hotel for EU MozCamp 2009

Next Week

  • Bugzilla HTTP REST API is now top priority
  • Email Mitchell with governance status, as promised six weeks ago
  • Turn discussions on purpose of Monday meeting into set of suggestions for change
  • Re-contact Pedro (GSoC student) and pull together a demo of his work