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Last Week

  • comm-central is now locked down; posted in newsgroups to make people aware
  • Monday meeting discussion continues
  • Linked to the Rules document on the main Firefox tinderboxes
  • Bugzilla HTTP API work going well - can get buglists, bugs and history, get and add comments, and there is initial support for modifying bugs. Can also get lists of and individual users. JSON or XML.
  • Got API design feedback from Jesse
  • Did Thunderbird testing and gave feedback on my experience; filed bugs
  • Discussions on adapting the proposed "ensure HTTPS" HTTP header to allow it to specify that there should be no change to the CA which issues the certificate; the aim is to partition the trusted CA space for added security
  • Fed back on the new proposal to streamline the review process at AMO, focussing attention on the trustworthiness (or otherwise) of people rather than code
  • Emailed the one other person subscribed to the OneWebDay London group; agreed that two doesn't make a crowd, and resolved to support the event by blogging on related topics
  • Decided we need to slice "bad bug filers" data to make sure it's only still-active people before we email them; Diederik is working on that
  • Call with Pedro (ex-GSoC student) and biesi; Pedro hopes to continue working on crcsync after he completes his move to the UK

Next Week

  • Bugzilla HTTP REST API continues to be top priority