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Last Week

  • Answered licensing question about 7-zip for Fennec team
  • Bugzilla HTTP API status:
    • bugs: search (same flexibility and fields as web UI), get single, create, update. All fields except flags.
    • attachments: list, get single, create, update.
    • comments: list, add.
    • history: list.
    • users: search, get single.
  • Doing test-driven development, which is great fun
  • 1.35 kloc of code and tests
  • Input/output tested with JSON but can do anything supported by Catalyst::Controller::REST
  • To Do: flags, legal values, config, simple CC, related (low priority).
  • Been getting useful feedback from Bugzilla hackers on design questions
  • VM for deployment now available
  • Noting else; focussed week.

Next Week

  • Implement support in API for flags (harder; Bugzilla is not exactly forthcoming with the necessary information)
  • Deploy API
  • Write documentation good enough for early adopters