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Last Week

I only worked 2.5 days this week due to personal travel.

  • Worked with upset owner of Swedish dictionary to meet his licensing requirements.
  • Further work on dormant accounts policy script.
  • No change. :-(
  • Did preliminary work on developing API to retrieve flag status change requests - which would e.g. allow people to do UIs to manage their review queue.
  • Release of 0.2 still blocked on installation of small patch on and the staging server
  • It turns out my application to speak about Drumbeat at Ignite London disappeared into a black hole. May well speak at the next one in February.
  • Arranged accommodation for MoFo team for the All Hands and Work Week.

Next Week

  • Release API 0.2 (hope springs eternal)
  • Find an owner for "Kiss IE6 Goodbye"