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Last Two Weeks

Spent the week in Mountain View.

  • Went through governance issue list with Mitchell to get priorities for the next couple of months.
  • Wrote new, even more simplified draft of unified commit access policy.
  • Dormant accounts policy: final lists are now generated, but there are some implementation issues around marking accounts as disabled in the LDAP server. Not quite sure what's going to happen yet.
  • Met Asa and Tim again and produced an action plan for the Monday Meeting.
  • Crisped up the guidance for people speaking at the meeting and sent it round for review.
  • Recruited Jono Xia as a replacement for Tim Riley as Monday Meeting MC.
  • API 0.4 released with /count call for 1D, 2D or 3D tables of bug counts.
  • Discussion with Murali on his use of the API.
  • Met Bob Moss (tools and infrastructure guy) and talked through my plans and his plans. He's also looking to make use of the API.
  • Started the process of moving the current VM to the same colo as, to get a speed improvement.
  • Started ramp-up and take-over of project through meetings with David, Jay, Chelsea, and the CiviCRM people.
  • Produced a plan to get the donate page live ASAP, and am trying to execute it amid the chaos. ;-)
  • Several meetings with Brandon Sterne, Sid Stamm and Lucas Adamski on design for CSP. Rewrote it, then went back to the original one again. But hopefully with a better idea of why we've picked it!
  • Wrote two about:licence patches for the 3.6 release.

Next Week

Probably only working 3 days.

  • Collapse exhausted.
  • Drive the donate page forward.
  • Read up on CiviCRM.
  • Subtract final dormant lists from list of people who haven't signed the new Committer's Agreement, and see who's left.