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Last Three Weeks

(Was working half time the first of the three weeks)

Site Launches


  • Have helped Matt drive through code completion and staging and into security review, which is ongoing
  • Some security review changes have already been made by Trellon
  • Worked on installation instructions and other docs needed to build a hacking community
  • Dormant accounts policy, Committer's Agreement, new Commit Policy: all still waiting on LDAP changes, which are assigned to Aravind and which mrz hopes to get done by mid-February.
  • Contributed to discussions on Weave privacy policy
  • Made sure MoFo got paid mentoring payment ($5000) from Summer of Code 2009
  • Contributed to (internal and external) CNNIC root inclusion discussions
  • Bugzilla tips blog launched
  • Catalyst hacker Kiffin Gish code-reviewed BzAPI and pronounced it good
  • Took part in further discussions with members of the Mozilla community about possible changes to Bugzilla
  • Finally got a proper cert for the BzAPI installation
  • Started work on a JS framework to help people prototype new bug-filing UIs
  • Three days in Paris last week, followed by FOSDEM
  • Gave 15-minute talk on Foundation futures
  • Ran the Lightning Talks session
  • Gave a lightning talk on the BzAPI
  • Kicked butt at Laser-Tag (Firefox: 1374 vs. Thunderbird: -64)
  • Wrote and published a series, "Protecting Germans", of 4 blog posts on our efforts to take down people abusing our trademarks, including the announcement of our first full legal action
  • Pushed to get video tag support into

Next Week

  • Unhappiness is continuing to build regarding Bugzilla - take part in discussions, and look at how this energy can be usefully directed
  • Continue to drive site deployment