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Last Two Weeks

Site Launches


  • is live!
  • This has taken the lion's share of my time in the past two weeks.
  • Got shell access to the staging server, which unblocked a few issues.
  • Drumbeat QA and bug filing (42 bugs filed)
  • is waiting on some configuration from Trellon.
  • Aravind is actively working on the LDAP changes needed to implement dormant accounts policy, Committer's Agreement, new Commit Policy.
  • Commit Access Policy: started discussion about the late-breaking issue of production websites.
  • Did statistics on what ways people interact with our forums (news vs. mail vs. Google Groups), to inform discussion on whether any of them are surplus to requirements.
  • Started conversation between Bugzilla team and senior Mozilla people.
  • Kicked off discussion about what Fennec is doing about phishing
  • Launched Mozilla's involvement in the Google Summer of Code 2010
  • Pinged some contacts regarding the Browser Choice campaign

Next Week

  • Get live
  • Look into current status of
  • Triage resumes for webdev/sysadmin job and arrange phone screens