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Last Week

  • Discussions with Matt about how to get things unblocked again
  • Set up auto-update from SVN for staging server, as a prerequisite to allowing community members to develop with it
  • Started process of getting Ned CVS access
  • Chelsea has taken up the baton with respect to
  • MPL update process doesn't seem to have caused a firestorm; things are quite quiet
  • Still trying to push dmoore on new list of all accounts... mrz replied, said they'd had a lot to do
  • Released version 0.5 of the BzAPI with performance measurement code in, to look into perceived slowness issues
  • Release also fixed a security bug
  • Atul has built some cool stuff on the API (example - Bugzilla Dashboard); looked into performance problems he was having with /configuration call; this resulted in Max applying 2 patches to Bugzilla to speed it up
  • We were accepted into the Summer of Code; created our profile on their site

Next Week

  • Make list of exceptions for production websites proposal
  • Look into current status of