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Last Week

(Worked the equivalent of 4 days)
  • Community is growing, and processes are slowly being worked out
  • Ned and Michael Haggerty now have SVN access
  • Wrote a document on communication methods and when to use them
  • Contributed to security-group discussion on keeping our secure bug info secure, and the right criteria for membership
  • No progress on new list of all accounts...
  • Made list of exceptions for production websites proposal - small amount of feedback
  • Worked on mechanism for specifying which fields you want returned (last major feature)
  • Support for various people (murali, fallen) with API use
  • Summer of Code: created our "home page" in the overly-complex SoC webapp (too much abstraction)
  • Support and guidance for potential GSoC students

Next Week

  • Incorporate list of exceptions into Commit Access Policy
  • Look into current status of (hope springs eternal)