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Hello, My name is Greg.

Currently I am involved in two mozilla projects: Bugzilla and Testopia.

I am not a software tester. In fact I don't really consider myself much of a software developer. I am more of what you might call and integrator. Still, that leaves the door open for a lot of software related things, including development and testing. As it so happens, I fell into these projects for the same reason many people get involved, the boss told me to.

Since then however, I have learned to love the world of defect tracking. I am still warming up to the whole testing gig. So far, it is a lot of work but it seems rewarding enough.

My roles in Bugzilla are rather small. I have an extensive amount of experience in the xml import and export mechanisms, and I am on the QA testing team.

Testopia is another matter. I was assigned to work on a project at work to help track test cases. We looked around at a number of options, commercial and open source, and decided we would like something that integrated well with Bugzilla since that is our bug tracking system. We settled on Testrunner and began working it into our system. We soon found that the number of changes we wanted to make would fundamentally change the system and before I knew it, the project kind of landed in my lap. We renamed it Testopia (to prevent possible lawsuits from the trademark owners of Testrunner) and have been making steady progress on it ever since.

I hang out in the mozwebtools, qa-bugzilla, and testopia channels on IRC.