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This page is for the discussion and outlining of the notification system for the QA Companion Extension. Feel free to edit and add topics for discussion! Notifications will help testers and beta users stay active by reminding them of QA events and releases.

notification content

  • Notify of:
    • test day
    • bug day
    • new alpha/beta releases
    • new QMO news (one of the feeds is updated)
    • other QMO mechanism ("notify QAC users" checkbox for admins?)
  • Shouldn't just notify, should provide place to go (irc link to #testday, link to new beta)

notification style

  • timing should be tooltip-like
  • appear from QAC icon in status bar
  • bubble/quotebox/box appearance
  • orignal design, thoughts? :


  • preference design:



notification system

Two possible implementations:

  • Implementation 1: client-side heavy with storage
    • multiple feeds with rich information about when to display each feed item
    • client checks feeds periodically, processes metadata and stores notification in database with information on when to display.
    • client checks database periodically and shows all notifications that are "due"
  • Implementation 2: server-side heavy
    • one aggregated feed with rich information about type of feed item (event, news item, forum topic, etc).
    • client checks feed periodically and displays all feed items that have been posted since last time it checked. Feed item is displayed in notification "as soon" as client sees it, so this means test day notifications would have to be pushed to the feed the "day of" the event.