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The following is blue-sky thinking about a possible Mozilla-related program according to my personal framework for strategic grantmaking:

  • Problem: The Mozilla project wants to promote the use of open video formats, but proprietary video formats are well-entrenched in the market.
  • Entrepreneurial partner: TBD.
  • Internal champion(s): TBD.
  • Short-term goal: Get more people making, remixing, and distributing video in open formats.
  • Long-term vision: Use open source technologies and practices to help spark a new wave of video- and filmmakers rooted in the values, communities, and technologies of the open web.
  • Strategy and analysis: TBD.
  • Activities: Activities under the proposed open video program might include:
    • funding of the Open Video Alliance and related activities to help promote open video formats
    • sponsorship of competitions, challenges, workshops, and other events to promote the use of open video formats.
  • Funding: TBD, but should be consistent with the guidelines above.
  • Other partners: TBD, but could include
    • companies creating products and services in support of open video creation and distribution
    • universities with video and film academic programs