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The following is blue-sky thinking about a possible Mozilla-related program according to my personal framework for strategic grantmaking:

  • Problem: Analysis and visualization of large and complex data sets ("Big Data") is a growing area, with applications in government, business, science, and other areas. However the ways in which we visualize and understand data are largely based on technologies such as Flash, Java, etc., that are proprietary or not web-native.
  • Entrepreneurial partner: TBD.
  • Internal champion(s): TBD.
  • Short-term goal: Provide a basic set of data visualization tools using open web technologies.
  • Long-term vision: Make the open web the lens through which the world views and understands itself.
  • Strategy and analysis: TBD.
  • Activities: Activities under a visualization program might include:
    • support of the Processing for the Web project to migrate the Processing language and environment to the open web
    • sponsorship of competitions, challenges, workshops, and other events to promote creation of advanced data visualizations using open web technologies and web-accessible data sets.
  • Funding: TBD, but should be consistent with the guidelines above.
  • Other partners: TBD, but could include
    • companies, government agencies, NGOs, and academic institutions doing data visualization in a web context