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This page contain roadmap of Mozloc project. See feature discuss page to see feature list that does not have it's milestone assigned.

M0 - basic XULRunner UI

Menu, statusbar, help, development tools. No application specific code

bug: build environment does not handle dom inspector and venkman

M1 - file list in project

Project dialog with one project type - directory based, user can just select directory where .dtd/.properties files are

File tree is filled with files in project

--- implemented up to this ---

Files can be removed and added (created as empty)

M2 - manage entities

File (.dtd/.properties without preprocessor instruction) can be opened, parsed and entities displayed in entity list. Entity can be edited and written back to file. New entity can be added to file.

M3 - cut, copy and paste, drag and drop

Entities can be cut-copy-pasted or dragged between files. Files can be drag dropped throught FileTree structure.

M4 - search support

Search dialog - seach in keys, strings. Decide whether have search result as virtual file (all found strings in entity list), or whether just jump to first found string and have command to jump to next string. The search support is here to ensure that I can write it with used internals.

M5 - translate

In project properties dialog add target language and target directory field.

Add "translation" field to entity details area.

Entity status: translated/untranslated

Write translated files (untranslated strings are leaved in original and marked in comment)

Search untranslated strings

M6 - update translation

Copied from L10n:Tool

Each time the Tool opens a project, it tries to synchronise its own copies of the source and target files with the real ones.

  • If strings have been added in the source locale files:
    • If the strings aren't yet present in the target locale, they get marked as Untranslated
    • If the strings are in the target locale, it means that they've just been translated by someone else in the l10n team. The synchronisation wizard marks them as Needs-review to give us the chance to review our colleagues' work.
  • If strings have been changed in the source locale files:
    • strings that have also been altered in the target locale get marked as Needs-review
    • strings that haven't been altered in the target locale get marked as Fuzzy
  • strings have been changed in the source locale files. Then just merge any changed strings in the target files, and we're go.

Version 1.0

Website, installation packages.

M7 - polishing

  • Save as in project menu
  • Filepicker on first page of New Project Wizard
  • project properties dialog - edit dir list