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Below a suggestion for a strategy of releasing Seamonkey versions. Feel free to copy it to a more visibe page if you think the idea is interesting :

I think it will be hard to build a team that is able to make release for the suite, so what 
is needed is to minimize as much as possible the work that it involves. 

IMO there one way to do it : To rely on the fact that most (if not all) of the C code that 
forms the core of the suite is shared with FF and TB, and arrange to reuse the hard work of 
those teams on testing, fixing, listing changes for stable versions, so that the Seamonkey 
team almost only has to care about the Seamonkey specific javascript/XUL. 

That means to have Seamonkey releases based on branches for stable versions of FF. 

There is one simple thing the MoFo can do to help here. Makes sure that TB releases use the 
same branches as FF and not independant branches from the trunk, so that Seamonkey work can 
be done on branches that are stabilized for both mail and navigation. I think it makes sense 
for MoFo anyway. A good part of stabilizing the core applies to both mail and navigation, so 
if TB were to use separate branches, there would be duplication of efforts.

Seamonkey specific changes might make visible some core backend problems that don't affect FF 
and TB, but I think it's feasible to convince non-Seamonkey team member to correct most of them, 
because even if at one time they only show in Seamonkey, they still affect the general stability 
of the platform.