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This User page is my Sandbox for developing visual dashboards. Using Wikiapiary

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This page outputs extended Semantic MediaWiki information to be collected by WikiApiary. Please do not make any modifications to this page inside the div with id wikiapiary-semantic-usage-data. Feel free to change any other area of the page. For more information see WikiApiary Collecting Semantic Usage. This page requires Semantic MediaWiki 1.8 or greater.

{ "timestamp": "20240414142116", "smwqueries": { "count": 1059, "pages": 609, "concepts": 0, "pageslarge": 11 }, "smwquerysizes": { "size-1": 41, "size-2": 50, "size-3": 576, "size-4": 3, "size-5": 253, "size-6": 8, "size-7": 54, "size-8": 6, "size-9": 45, "size-10plus": 23 }, "smwformats": { "broadtable": 16, "csv": 0, "category": 10, "count": 94, "dsv": 0, "debug": 0, "embedded": 0, "feed": 3, "json": 0, "list": 4, "ol": 0, "rdf": 0, "table": 478, "template": 447, "ul": 7 } }

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Full Query
ID Priority Summary Product Assigned to Status
1080773 P1 Users aren't being autoconfirmed Websites C. Liang [:cyliang] RESOLVED
1080778 P1 Password reset pages unavailable to non-logged in users Websites C. Liang [:cyliang] RESOLVED
1287322 P1 Related with my account creation Mozilla wiki Websites RESOLVED
1065318 P2 Account request notification email has bad HTML escaping Websites NEW
1120814 P2 [FFOS2.0][Woodduck][Setup Wizard]The words is overlapping. Websites RESOLVED
761114 P2 [] Semantic Forms cross site scripting Websites RESOLVED
1213597 P3 Link doesn't direct us in right page! Websites Spike, UTC+1, spike on Matrix RESOLVED
1238912 P3 Database Query Error on Websites RESOLVED
738257 P4 Rich editor of doesn't seem to work anymore Websites RESOLVED
1288933 P5 I want to create a account on mozilla wiki. Websites RESOLVED
1051076 -- Install BatchUserRights extension Websites NEW
1051189 -- Install MobileFrontend extension Websites Christie Koehler [:ckoehler] RESOLVED
1051201 -- Audit and adjust user rights Websites RESOLVED
1051203 -- Install Pywikibot Websites NEW
1051204 -- Implement real-time collaborative editing Websites NEW
1051205 -- Implement Listen to Mozilla Wiki Websites NEW
1051206 -- Improve discussion and collaboration Websites NEW
1051207 -- Rewrite Bugzilla extension Websites Gordon P. Hemsley [:GPHemsley] NEW
1051211 -- Install EtherpadLite extension Websites RESOLVED
1051596 -- Vector skin does not provide table borders by default Websites NEW
1056780 -- getting a 404 on windows phone Websites RESOLVED
1056791 -- Missing X-Frame-Options header : possible clickjacking Websites Christie Koehler [:ckoehler] RESOLVED
1058726 -- Search button ID differs between dev and staging/prod Websites RESOLVED
1058736 -- Toolbox in left sidebar is closed by default on dev, open on staging/prod. Websites RESOLVED
1058819 -- Watch/unwatch is behind a dropdown on staging/prod, visible by default on dev. Websites RESOLVED
1058914 -- Audit and update tests once MediaWiki upgrade goes live on production Websites RESOLVED
1059112 -- MozTT font-family URL is incorrect, causing large text in the edit textarea Websites RESOLVED
1060469 -- wiki font size is *enormous* Websites RESOLVED
1062015 -- pinned mozilla sites Websites RESOLVED
1062656 -- Remove user-specified preferences for all unsupported skins Websites C. Liang [:cyliang] RESOLVED
1062701 -- Connect Mozilla Wiki to Baloo Websites Christie Koehler [:ckoehler] RESOLVED
1063160 -- Update logo Websites C. Liang [:cyliang] RESOLVED
1064994 -- Improve page categorization Websites NEW
1064997 -- Install Flow extension Websites NEW
1064999 -- Install Semantic Results Format extension Websites Christie Koehler [:ckoehler] RESOLVED
1065007 -- Enable Gadgets extension (bundled with mediawiki) Websites RESOLVED
1065129 -- Address table formatting issues Websites RESOLVED
1065183 -- [Campaign] Add site notice about September 10th Net Neutrality initiative Websites RESOLVED
1065688 -- Make it easy to create wiki pages from etherpad documents Websites RESOLVED
1065849 -- Create autopromote group and setting for inactive users Websites Christie Koehler [:ckoehler] RESOLVED
1065851 -- Document process for userights changes Websites NEW
1066784 -- Need an appropriate Content Security Policy header for Websites RESOLVED
1066864 -- Increase the number of subpages that can be moved at a time Websites RESOLVED
1069025 -- QA Wiki does not specify what QA means Websites RESOLVED
1072114 -- [feature] Categories sorted and displayed by title and not path Websites NEW
1072641 -- Upgrade to MediaWiki 1.23.4 Websites Jason Crowe [:jd] RESOLVED
1072824 -- Incorrect description in "MozillaWiki page X has been changed by Y" emails Websites Spike, UTC+1, spike on Matrix RESOLVED
1072995 -- Upload fira webfonts Websites C. Liang [:cyliang] VERIFIED
1074949 -- Enable Interwiki extension (now bundled with Mediawiki) Websites RESOLVED
1075285 -- Upgrade to MediaWiki 1.23.5 Websites C. Liang [:cyliang] RESOLVED
1076275 -- [FTE] The Mozilla wiki pages encountered through the FTE are crowded and overlapping Websites RESOLVED
1077182 -- Install Sandstone extension Websites RESOLVED
1077203 -- Install HotCat.js gadget Websites RESOLVED
1077205 -- Install UTCLiveClock gadget Websites RESOLVED
1077535 -- Re-organize Firefox Club pages Websites NEW
1078372 -- wiki gardening privs for AxelHecht Websites RESOLVED
1079330 -- Get some tools in place to delete a page and block its user for spam Websites NEW
1079342 -- Add Callek to sysop and bureaucrat groups Websites RESOLVED
1079395 -- Document page protection policy Websites Christie Koehler [:ckoehler] RESOLVED
1080158 -- Install CologneBlue skin Websites RESOLVED
1080164 -- Add ftp and IRC interwiki Websites RESOLVED
1080315 -- Adjust group membership for KaiRo Websites RESOLVED
1080401 -- "Import file" button looks funny when using the french language Websites RESOLVED
1080729 -- Re-enable admin rights for Deb Richardson (dria) Websites RESOLVED
1080741 -- Re-enable admin rights for Mark Finkle (MarkFinkle) Websites RESOLVED
1080751 -- Re-enable admin rights for Jennifer Chaulk ( Websites RESOLVED
1080854 -- Restore 'canmove' group so page protection can be updated Websites C. Liang [:cyliang] RESOLVED
1080871 -- Format of Special:ProtectedPages varies between production and stage/dev Websites RESOLVED
1080898 -- Make default the user option to prompt for an edit summary if none is provided Websites RESOLVED
1081064 -- Change page protection on Mobile/Roadmap Websites NEW
1081181 -- Change ConfirmAccount settings (min words bio field and notification email address) Websites RESOLVED
1081338 -- Enable conversion of svg images so that png previews are available Websites C. Liang [:cyliang] RESOLVED
1081712 -- Upgrade Semantic extensions Websites Jason Crowe [:jd] RESOLVED
1081976 -- [prod] Watching or unwatching a page changed the main page title Websites RESOLVED
1082020 -- Port production database to Dev and Stage Websites RESOLVED
1082025 -- Create badge for 10th anniversary Websites Christie Koehler [:ckoehler] RESOLVED
1082200 -- Change page protection for CA and related pages Websites RESOLVED
1082298 -- Enable ParserFunctions string functions Websites RESOLVED
1082810 -- Allow use of the write API (writeapi) for autoconfirm and/or users Websites RESOLVED
1083377 -- Release banners on Main_Page out of date Websites RESOLVED
1083868 -- i need access to edit Websites RESOLVED
1085409 -- mediawiki-bugzilla extension uses soon-to-disappear BzAPI endpoint Websites Christie Koehler [:ckoehler] RESOLVED
1086623 -- Do not prompt users to provide an edit summary every time they update the Mozilla wiki Websites RESOLVED
1087340 -- Update Sandstone extension to avoid flash of unstyled content (FOUC) Websites RESOLVED
1088446 -- Clean out cruft left behind by really old MediaWiki versions Websites NEW
1088449 -- [meta] MozillaWiki cleanup Websites NEW
1089042 -- Create a bot for Release Engineering Websites NEW
1090188 -- Please add the EmbedVideo extension Websites NEW
1090677 -- Upgrade to MediaWiki 1.23.6 Websites RESOLVED
1093166 -- Create site notice publicizing contributor survey Websites RESOLVED
1093333 -- References not supported in Websites RESOLVED
1093647 -- Suppress site notice on Donate and Ways to Give pages Websites NEW
1098027 -- Users in confirm group, but not autoconfirmed are unable to upload files Websites RESOLVED
1099378 -- grant mhoye approval perms on wikimo Websites RESOLVED
1100038 -- Grant Satdav Approvel Perms on wikimo Websites RESOLVED
1101507 -- Tracking bug for user rights changes Websites RESOLVED
1101511 -- Tracking bug for page protection changes Websites RESOLVED
1101577 -- Add the ability to dismiss the SiteNotice Websites NEW
1102199 -- Upgrade to MediaWiki 1.23.7 Websites Jason Crowe [:jd] RESOLVED
1103278 -- recover user name, lost account Websites RESOLVED
1105387 -- Evaluate use of custom namespaces and adjust if needed Websites NEW
1106426 -- Firefox version template is missing or broken on Websites RESOLVED
1111104 -- Need to migrate several hundred child pages over to archived wiki Websites NEW
1113181 -- Upgrade to MediaWiki 1.23.8 Websites Jason Crowe [:jd] RESOLVED
1118789 -- Please enable external image support (with a whitelist) Websites RESOLVED
1118965 -- Tracker for updating the wiki.m.o deployment model Websites RESOLVED
1118970 -- Convert wiki.m.o to a git deployment model Websites Jason Crowe [:jd] RESOLVED
1118972 -- Deploy wiki.m.o git model to dev Websites Jason Crowe [:jd] RESOLVED
1118973 -- Deploy wiki.m.o git model to stage Websites C. Liang [:cyliang] RESOLVED
1118991 -- Set up wiki.m.o for self-service deployments Websites RESOLVED
1118995 -- Create deploy and commands script for wiki.m.o Websites RESOLVED
1118998 -- Add wiki.m.o to Captain Shove Websites RESOLVED
1121177 -- Upgrade to MediaWiki 1.24 Websites RESOLVED
1124314 -- Update mediawiki-bugzilla extension Websites Jason Crowe [:jd] RESOLVED
1124882 -- Change of MozillaWiki Username Websites RESOLVED
1127592 -- Please add GoogleDocTag addon for mediawiki Websites RESOLVED
1127594 -- Please add the LDAP extension Websites RESOLVED
1127705 -- Please add Ohloh Widget Websites RESOLVED
1128117 -- Upgrade SemanticForms extension to 3.1 Websites RESOLVED
1129886 -- Clean up extensions Websites NEW
1129890 -- Remove SimpleAntiSpam extension Websites RESOLVED
1130063 -- modify permissions of two pages Websites RESOLVED
1130359 -- Replace OggHandler extension with TimedMediaHandler extension Websites NEW
1131010 -- Use composer to manage installation of SemanticWatchlist extension Websites RESOLVED
1131017 -- Update Google Analytics Integration extension to track REL1_23 branch Websites RESOLVED
1131058 -- Not receiving the reset password Websites RESOLVED
1131437 -- Add error checking to Websites Christie Koehler [:ckoehler] RESOLVED
1132048 -- Request account for for alm Websites RESOLVED
1133270 -- Install VisualEditor extension Websites Christie Koehler [:ckoehler] RESOLVED
1133359 -- Remove SemanticHTML extension Websites VERIFIED
1133409 -- Fira fonts served with the wrong MIME type Websites RESOLVED
1133916 -- No "Region" dropdown values available when choosing country "Bangladesh" Websites RESOLVED
1136114 -- Improve case sensitivity of page URLs Websites NEW
1136485 -- Please install the GraphViz extension on Websites Jason Crowe [:jd] RESOLVED
1136887 -- configure composer to install specific versions of extensions Websites Christie Koehler [:ckoehler] RESOLVED
1136888 -- Add error checking to Websites RESOLVED
1136973 -- Replace relative directory paths in LocalSettings.php Websites NEW
1138585 -- Improve page patrolling Websites RESOLVED
1138596 -- composer command in should install not update Websites RESOLVED
1138722 -- Improve Main Page layout for mobile (narrow) view ports Websites NEW
1139699 -- Install TitleBlacklist extension Websites Christie Koehler [:ckoehler] RESOLVED
1139701 -- Remove debug settings from public LocalSettings.php file Websites Gordon P. Hemsley [:GPHemsley] NEW
1140173 -- Community_Calendar pointing to obsolete link Websites David Weir (satdav) VERIFIED
1141188 -- Google Analytics not working Websites RESOLVED
1141602 -- Add Jbeatty to account approvers group Websites RESOLVED
1143756 -- Improve account creation experience Websites NEW
1143757 -- Implement anti-spam features Websites NEW
1146098 -- Wiki: Domain List outdated Websites Chris More [:cmore] RESOLVED
1148927 -- Sandbox uses self-signed certificate for HTTPS Websites RESOLVED
1149254 -- Install ImportFromEtherpad extension Websites RESOLVED
1149849 -- Upgrade wiki.m.o to MediaWiki 1.23.9 Websites RESOLVED
1149883 -- Etherpad Import fails for team etherpads Websites RESOLVED
1150268 -- Convert to a group in Google Websites RESOLVED
1153058 -- Table of contents for wiki Websites Spike, UTC+1, spike on Matrix ASSIGNED
1153881 -- dead link @ Websites RESOLVED
1155839 -- mid air collision while editing page not detected Websites NEW
1155848 -- Warn user when about to create page with trailing slash '/' Websites NEW
1161409 -- Update Mozilla Wiki Manifesto link to Websites RESOLVED
1161732 -- Delete Mozilla Careers Wiki Page Websites RESOLVED
1165388 -- Delete wiki no longer in use.. Websites RESOLVED
1167839 -- Create a mediawiki extension to pull data from the L10n dashboard Websites RESOLVED
1169562 -- Simultaneous edit warnings? Websites RESOLVED
1175603 -- Remove apache redirects for retired namespaces Websites Gordon P. Hemsley [:GPHemsley] RESOLVED
1177120 -- Request page move Websites RESOLVED
1179625 -- Access Request Websites RESOLVED
1184322 -- Update mediawiki-bugzilla extension to c52b2ddc6e Websites RESOLVED
1184941 -- Your biography must be at least 15 words long. Websites Spike, UTC+1, spike on Matrix RESOLVED
1185779 -- captcha key exposure Websites NEW
1186942 -- Login name is changed to start with big letter Websites Spike, UTC+1, spike on Matrix RESOLVED
1187305 -- R/W access request to wiki.m.o Websites RESOLVED
1191515 -- Wiki logo overlaps with page content in responsive mode (320 X 480) Websites RESOLVED
1191586 -- responsive tables and pictures for mobile version Websites NEW
1191780 -- layout is not at right dimension for Release Information section Websites NEW
1195725 -- Wiki Vouched page has an unclosed tag in chrome and IE Websites RESOLVED
1199824 -- Upgrade to MediaWiki 1.23.10 Websites RESOLVED
1201441 -- Please share with anyone with the Quarter 1 and Quarter 2 links in Apps/Ecosystem - MozillaWiki Websites Fred Wenzel [:wenzel] RESOLVED
1201444 -- Please specify IRC channel in Apps/Ecosystem - MozillaWiki Websites Fred Wenzel [:wenzel] RESOLVED
1201519 -- mozilla wiki Websites Spike, UTC+1, spike on Matrix RESOLVED
1201532 -- Database error when creating a new page Websites Spike, UTC+1, spike on Matrix RESOLVED
1201708 -- Getting a database issue when trying to add a new page Websites RESOLVED
1203601 -- Dash characters display as Space in B2G/QA/Flame OTA - MozillaWiki Websites RESOLVED
1211044 -- Websites RESOLVED
1213531 -- Not receiving reset password - identify account email Websites RESOLVED
1214132 -- Need Permission To upload artwork for FxOS Raspberry Pi wiki page Websites RESOLVED
1217832 -- wiki account pending Websites RESOLVED
1232921 -- is broken Websites RESOLVED
1233710 -- Unable to make api calls Websites RESOLVED
1233735 -- Fingerprinting discussion of plugins refers to obsolete config setting Websites RESOLVED
1235770 -- I would like my wiki account (SpikeUK1) promoted to Bureaucrat or Administrator (sysops) level please Websites CaptainCalliope RESOLVED
1237288 -- Can't sign into account with temporary password Websites RESOLVED
1237549 -- Database error A database query error has occurred. This may indicate a bug in the software. Websites Jonathan Claudius [:claudijd] (use NEEDINFO) RESOLVED
1239247 -- Websites RESOLVED
1240861 -- Add sidebar link to all formatting options Websites Spike, UTC+1, spike on Matrix RESOLVED
1243390 -- the bugzilla extension does not display charts Websites NEW
1245232 -- Please add #bmo to IRC Wiki page Websites Spike, UTC+1, spike on Matrix RESOLVED
1249345 -- Tim Spurway would like a logon to the wiki Websites RESOLVED
1253451 -- cannot log in using temporary password from password reset email Websites Spike, UTC+1, spike on Matrix RESOLVED
1258116 -- Likely spammy link in Community Calendar - MozillaWiki Websites RESOLVED
1262763 -- dead link on Websites RESOLVED
1264739 -- Change Community Engagement Wiki Page Title/Heading Websites Spike, UTC+1, spike on Matrix RESOLVED
1264856 -- Update Release information for Firefox OS Websites RESOLVED
1265143 -- Page in the wiki need update Websites Spike, UTC+1, spike on Matrix RESOLVED
1266604 -- Wiki Privacy Policy link in page footer is broken Websites RESOLVED
1266780 -- Requesting for changing username on wiki.mozilla Websites RESOLVED
1268260 -- My User Name is bunny1415 and time zone is EST Issue Push notification does not show payload string in Android devices Websites RESOLVED
1271332 -- i uploaded my badges but can not move them into a public collection Websites UNCONFIRMED
1272064 -- I have requested for creating an account several times but till now my account is not approved Websites RESOLVED
1274312 -- i did not get log in Websites RESOLVED
1274790 -- Incorrect references to page Websites Spike, UTC+1, spike on Matrix RESOLVED
1275353 -- If the account is created, only you will be emailed the password. Websites RESOLVED
1275823 -- I have problem for my software development and hi portal Websites RESOLVED
1283657 -- Embedding survey to Websites RESOLVED
1288934 -- Related to mozilla wiki account creation. Websites RESOLVED
1296386 -- wiki is being heavily spammed Websites RESOLVED
1300906 -- Widget:Google Spreadsheet missing closing <noinclude> tag causing sample to be included on pages where widget is called Websites RESOLVED
1301482 -- Feature Request: Support GitHub authentication for Websites Spike, UTC+1, spike on Matrix NEW
1302252 -- Outdated info Websites Spike, UTC+1, spike on Matrix RESOLVED
1304695 -- does not have a valid contribute.json file Websites RESOLVED
1305694 -- Deploy newer mediawiki-bugzilla plugin to Websites NEW
1307234 -- Register as MozillaWiki User Websites Dinesh Mv RESOLVED
1307575 -- Enable HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) on Websites RESOLVED
1313887 -- Unbranded page on not being updated after FF 49.0.1 ! Websites Spike, UTC+1, spike on Matrix RESOLVED
1320450 -- Mozilla wiki menu has link to now deprecated "Student Ambassadors" Websites Spike, UTC+1, spike on Matrix RESOLVED
1321034 -- Database error on BMO page Websites RESOLVED
1323416 -- Don't link to the no longer reachable in Websites RESOLVED
1328980 -- Make an iFrame widget available on the Mozilla Wiki Websites RESOLVED
1330463 -- Need ability to delete pages added to my account Websites RESOLVED
1331819 -- Shut down wiki pages Websites RESOLVED
1332836 -- Add Private Tab to Websites Spike, UTC+1, spike on Matrix RESOLVED
1334109 -- Shut down and re-add wiki page Websites RESOLVED
1334706 -- Need a password for my account Websites RESOLVED
1338019 -- Access to edit Websites Spike, UTC+1, spike on Matrix RESOLVED
1348942 -- Remove Firefos OS from the release calendar on the front page Websites RESOLVED
1364424 -- Need rights to upload files in wiki pages Websites Mike Hoye [:mhoye] VERIFIED
1368721 -- Google is indexing since no robots.txt Websites Philippe M. Chiasson (:gozer) RESOLVED
1369989 -- images that were previously under Websites RESOLVED
1376011 -- Enable markdown support on Websites Spike, UTC+1, spike on Matrix RESOLVED
1382938 -- Notification emails for edits to watched pages not being received Websites Spike, UTC+1, spike on Matrix RESOLVED
1384091 -- Database Error on Stylo page Websites RESOLVED
1385765 -- Spam page on Mozilla wiki Websites Spike, UTC+1, spike on Matrix RESOLVED
1385874 -- Widget:Google Spreadsheet no longer works Websites Spike, UTC+1, spike on Matrix ASSIGNED
1389642 -- Create account to post on Weekly Project Meetings Websites Spike, UTC+1, spike on Matrix RESOLVED
1392269 -- Image upload should clear cache immediately Websites Spike, UTC+1, spike on Matrix RESOLVED
1393779 -- Request account page text Websites Spike, UTC+1, spike on Matrix RESOLVED
1400740 -- Wiki Syntax Error Websites Spike, UTC+1, spike on Matrix RESOLVED
1412171 -- Service outage on Websites Spike, UTC+1, spike on Matrix RESOLVED
1413950 -- is returning 503s Websites RESOLVED
1424598 -- mozilla wiki don't keep me login Websites Spike, UTC+1, spike on Matrix NEW
1427606 -- Menu button and search box don't react in portrait mode after logged into Websites Spike, UTC+1, spike on Matrix RESOLVED
1429033 -- class="wikitable collapsible collapsed" doesn't collapse the table any more Websites Spike, UTC+1, spike on Matrix RESOLVED
1430592 -- [Release management] Add the duration in weeks for each period Websites RESOLVED
1430593 -- [Release management] The release process documentation is obsolete on wiki.m.o Websites Pascal Chevrel:pascalc RESOLVED
1432860 -- Add Registered User to and subpages Websites Spike, UTC+1, spike on Matrix RESOLVED
1433150 -- Move WMO/MozillaClubHyderabad to WMO/India/Hyderabad Websites Spike, UTC+1, spike on Matrix RESOLVED
1434611 -- Unbranded Release build 58.0.1 Windows installers are version 59.0b6 Websites Ian Moody [:Kwan] (UTC+1) RESOLVED
1440426 -- Shortened links keep triggering spam filter Websites Mike Hoye [:mhoye] RESOLVED
1443384 -- please give the Buildduty team permission to upload photos on Websites Spike, UTC+1, spike on Matrix RESOLVED
1443858 -- Special:EmailUser does not work Websites Spike, UTC+1, spike on Matrix NEW
1444154 -- The link to "This link in browsing" newsletter shows a 404 error. Websites Spike, UTC+1, spike on Matrix RESOLVED
1445071 -- Delete SeaMonkey localization wiki page Websites Spike, UTC+1, spike on Matrix RESOLVED
1447115 -- please add the Google Spreadsheets mediawiki widget to Websites Spike, UTC+1, spike on Matrix RESOLVED
1452918 -- Add Release management information to the front page Websites Spike, UTC+1, spike on Matrix RESOLVED
1453635 -- Can't resolve using some DNS servers Websites RESOLVED
1455751 -- defaults to mobile version on Firefox Nightly 61.0a1 Websites Spike, UTC+1, spike on Matrix RESOLVED
1458522 -- randomly serving pages with mobile style layout Websites REOPENED
1465966 -- loads Google Analytics when DNT is enabled Websites NEW
1471735 -- Need login for MOSS SOS Page Websites Spike, UTC+1, spike on Matrix RESOLVED
1474922 -- not listing "Rank:" Websites RESOLVED
1482909 -- Logged out after a short period of time Websites RESOLVED
1485055 -- Add a redirect for sumo Websites Spike, UTC+1, spike on Matrix RESOLVED
1491304 -- and trr Websites Darkspirit RESOLVED
1497102 -- is too aggressive about logging users out Websites RESOLVED
1517236 -- wiki.m.o: Please remove old link from the left menu Websites Spike, UTC+1, spike on Matrix RESOLVED
1519460 -- Wiki session/login duration is too short Websites RESOLVED
1523371 -- Add page protection to anti-tracking policy wiki page Websites Spike, UTC+1, spike on Matrix RESOLVED
1530274 -- DevTools/GetInvolved has broken link Websites Spike, UTC+1, spike on Matrix RESOLVED
1533692 -- "Nightly" is misspelled Websites Spike, UTC+1, spike on Matrix VERIFIED
1543132 -- wikimo logs me out too often Websites RESOLVED
1549657 -- images/graphics on often return status code 403 forbidden Websites Spike, UTC+1, spike on Matrix UNCONFIRMED
1551036 -- wiki page claims images are missing, but media list search finds the file and displays it ("Error creating thumbnail: File missing") Websites Spike, UTC+1, spike on Matrix UNCONFIRMED
1557260 -- Remove mobile contributor list from wiki Websites Spike, UTC+1, spike on Matrix RESOLVED
1559129 -- Help Recovering Wiki account Websites Spike, UTC+1, spike on Matrix RESOLVED
1564467 -- Request to be added to the confirmed users group Websites RESOLVED
1588447 -- I'd like to make a page protected Websites Spike, UTC+1, spike on Matrix RESOLVED
1590991 -- Please remove Websites Spike, UTC+1, spike on Matrix RESOLVED
1594558 -- change MozillaWiki username Websites Spike, UTC+1, spike on Matrix ASSIGNED
1597615 -- Delete all pages from the Mozilla Materials category Websites UNCONFIRMED
1605221 -- preserve whitespace in code tags Websites UNCONFIRMED
1618609 -- typo, says "your" instead of "you". Websites RESOLVED
1622850 -- Remove "Add-ons" section from Websites Spike, UTC+1, spike on Matrix RESOLVED
1622853 -- Remove references to IRC Websites Spike, UTC+1, spike on Matrix RESOLVED
1631227 -- Air-mozilla sign-up link on MozillaWiki points to a file that doesn't exist anymore on GDrive Websites Spike, UTC+1, spike on Matrix RESOLVED
1636860 -- Please install extension UserMerge to Staging server Websites NEW
1639489 -- Disable Google Analytics for Websites NEW
1644120 -- API Account for RelEng to update version number pages Websites Spike, UTC+1, spike on Matrix NEW
1645458 -- Global replace legacy terminology for allowed/disallowed Websites RESOLVED
1664322 -- Outdated Help Information for CloudServices/Location/Software Websites RESOLVED
1665923 -- Please create mozwiki account for Ciprian Ciocan Websites Spike, UTC+1, spike on Matrix RESOLVED
1669926 -- is not responding Websites VERIFIED
1674626 -- wiki.m.o Article Takeover Websites RESOLVED
1689229 -- The link under 'Where can I download Firefox Beta" under the URL: leads to of Websites Spike, UTC+1, spike on Matrix RESOLVED
1691687 -- Bad link for cambug addon Websites Spike, UTC+1, spike on Matrix RESOLVED
1694212 -- Metrics for Individual Wiki Pages Websites RESOLVED
1697581 -- [Group membership request] confirm, mreschenberg Websites Spike, UTC+1, spike on Matrix RESOLVED
1705153 -- Add Bwilson as Registered User with write-access to and subpages Websites Spike, UTC+1, spike on Matrix REOPENED
1705522 -- This is Pranav Agarwal and i have successfully merged by branch to add ons as a fix for #10351 in April Websites UNCONFIRMED
1708331 -- typo Websites RESOLVED
1722642 -- Invalid link on Websites RESOLVED
1728980 -- Unable to access and activate account Websites RESOLVED
1733906 -- Locked out of sync account. no unlock email Websites RESOLVED
1736342 -- Request to be added to the confirmed users group Websites RESOLVED
1752340 -- Nightly is incorrectly using Firefox release branding and icons under Linux Websites VERIFIED
1758484 -- Requesting page protection for new wiki page: Websites Spike, UTC+1, spike on Matrix RESOLVED
1762333 -- Invalid Hyper links in Gecko Guides Websites UNCONFIRMED
1766219 -- Permission to upload files Websites Spike, UTC+1, spike on Matrix RESOLVED
1771935 -- 403 Forbidden error displayed when attempting to save a mozilla wiki page for fenix build validation Websites NEW
1774428 -- Permission to edit protected pages Websites NEW
1775232 -- Adding div tag leads to 403 forbidden Websites RESOLVED
1776748 -- redirect link for GeoClue Websites Spike, UTC+1, spike on Matrix RESOLVED
1779734 -- Link to the mobile-firefox-dev mailing list: 404 Not Found Websites RESOLVED
1779737 -- On URL for the "File a new GeckoView bug" link is obsolete Websites RESOLVED
1793729 -- Request edit access to anti-tracking policy Websites Spike, UTC+1, spike on Matrix RESOLVED
1804164 -- Bugzilla tables not populating in wiki Websites Nate Tade RESOLVED
1807998 -- is not clear enough Websites UNCONFIRMED
1810011 -- Thunderbird:Testing Link broken on Mozilla Wiki Websites UNCONFIRMED
1810758 -- Thunderbird:Testing wiki has invalid address for Thunderbird-testers mailing list Websites RESOLVED
1827369 -- broken links Websites UNCONFIRMED
1829985 -- Broken link on Mozilla Nightly Wiki page Websites Spike, UTC+1, spike on Matrix RESOLVED
1830672 -- Confidential Penetration Test Report Leak on * Websites RESOLVED
1839080 -- dead link in wiki Websites UNCONFIRMED
1845032 -- unable to upload image for creation of article - "You must be logged in to upload files." although already logged into wiki account Websites NEW
1874869 -- Wiki style broken Websites NEW
1875564 -- Bugzilla tables not populating in CA program wiki Websites RESOLVED
1877167 -- Page view randomly switching between desktop and mobile views Websites RESOLVED
1880098 -- login at fails/breaks site for user: Fatal exception of type MWException Websites Nate Tade RESOLVED
1887967 -- Add Page protection for DoH Resolver Policy page Websites Spike, UTC+1, spike on Matrix RESOLVED
241534 -- Cohesive documentation on deploying/customizing/locking down Firefox Websites RESOLVED
372129 -- Justification doesn't work in default "Cavendish" skin Websites RESOLVED
398439 -- Hard to see the difference between level1 and level2 headings in Websites RESOLVED
429916 -- Phrase Search broken on Wiki Websites RESOLVED
443266 -- Fennec wiki is unorganized & difficult to use Websites RESOLVED
444612 -- Improve the developer calendar and keep it up to date Websites RESOLVED
467974 -- implement XMLhttprequest which gets onmouseover bug its title and sets it as tooltip Websites RESOLVED
473565 -- should have a link to Mozilla privacy policy Websites RESOLVED
473566 -- should use CC licenses instead of GNU FDL Websites RESOLVED
492874 -- Install Maps extension Websites Christie Koehler [:ckoehler] RESOLVED
515484 -- Install OpenID extension Websites NEW
522180 -- CSS should indicate when a Discussion (Talk) page exists Websites Milos Dinic [:Milos] VERIFIED
530521 -- has broken visited link colorization Websites RESOLVED
547366 -- Add some padding to ol li on Websites Milos Dinic [:Milos] RESOLVED
551200 -- Move table of contents into the sidebar in the theme Websites RESOLVED
578407 -- URLs with trailing slashes should redirect to URLs without trailing slashes Websites RESOLVED
588936 -- Add video of Mozilla timeline from Summit to Timeline page Websites RESOLVED
607475 -- "Mozilla News" link Websites RESOLVED
633396 -- doesn't support rss feeds for watched pages (feedwatchlist) Websites VERIFIED
639114 -- Please add a Wikipedia prefix to the interwiki table for the Mozilla Wiki Websites RESOLVED
639115 -- Leftover vandalism pages from a pagemove vandalbot still remain on the Mozilla Wiki Websites RESOLVED
639117 -- Missing Mozilla Wiki logo for the various skins $wgLogo Websites RESOLVED
639119 -- Please install the MediaWiki API bot onto the Mozilla Wiki Websites RESOLVED
644941 -- Need ability to move/rename articles on Websites Mike Connor [:mconnor] RESOLVED
648589 -- add etherpad-like functionality to our wikis Websites RESOLVED
649834 -- Add WebTrends tracking to Websites RESOLVED
650408 -- skins fixes Websites Milos Dinic [:Milos] RESOLVED
650774 -- Long page titles cause bad reflow on narrow browser widths Websites RESOLVED
650955 -- Table of Contents [toc] don't fit. Too Narrow Websites RESOLVED
651896 -- The table of contents on shouldn't push the contents down. Websites RESOLVED
652582 -- Wiki pages from templates + "cron" jobs Websites NEW
652592 -- Install Google Spreadsheet widget Websites RESOLVED
652594 -- Embedding of code fragments in wiki Websites NEW
653137 -- stylesheet broken so that the main content ends up below the sidebar Websites RESOLVED
654803 -- stylesheet uses a non-distinctive sans font for monospaced text on Linux Websites RESOLVED
655236 -- TWO errors on ( Websites RESOLVED
656153 -- Search box on wiki header not displaying properly Websites Milos Dinic [:Milos] RESOLVED
657499 -- Fixes to screen.css of the gmo skin Websites Jake Maul [:jakem] RESOLVED
657879 -- Fixes to enhanced.css of the gmo skin Websites RESOLVED
659362 -- Search button image is missing Websites RESOLVED
661070 -- Semantic Mediawiki cache is slow Websites RESOLVED
661680 -- Update Webdev Get Involved Page Websites RESOLVED
662537 -- Unable to edit page on Mac OSX Websites RESOLVED
664770 -- The entire Wiki article is showing up below the sidebar when the window is narrow Websites RESOLVED
666261 -- Adding Semantic Result Formats on w.m.o Websites RESOLVED
666543 -- No "Edit" button on User pages Websites RESOLVED
668231 -- Skin is deformed by extension Websites RESOLVED
668704 -- Problems with gmo skin of wiki.m.o. tracking bug Websites RESOLVED
669856 -- Change to "GMO" skin has completely broken Edit/History/etc links. Websites RESOLVED
670290 -- Ability to include live bug tiles on Websites NEW
670521 -- Adding Semantic Forms Inputs Extension to our wiki Websites RESOLVED
670523 -- Install Semantic Maps extension Websites Christie Koehler [:ckoehler] RESOLVED
672712 -- Blocked graphics table incomplete for Intel and doesn't match about:support Websites RESOLVED
673496 -- Create script to edit the wiki automatically Websites Osmose [:osmose, :mkelly] RESOLVED
676471 -- has no license set Websites RESOLVED
677176 -- Wiki should remove sections with null values, input by form-templates Websites RESOLVED
677938 -- After saving changes on a page the content is not updated for logged in users Websites RESOLVED
682162 -- Web Font not working on Websites Jake Maul [:jakem] VERIFIED
683257 -- Logout Results in Page with Invalid URI Back to Wiki Websites RESOLVED
688249 -- Add Extension:Bugzilla Reports to mediawiki Websites VERIFIED
691829 -- Finish implementation of Legnitto's Mediawiki-Bugzilla extension Websites Brandon Savage [:brandon] RESOLVED
694640 -- default style sheet on breaks numbered lists inside unordered lists Websites RESOLVED
696479 -- Linked bugs should contain Bugzilla metadata Websites NEW
698166 -- Fix in FramedVideo extension Websites RESOLVED
698533 -- Create bugzilla keyword on feature creation Websites RESOLVED
699977 -- Need a Wiki Page Documenting Keyboard Shortcuts Websites RESOLVED
702315 -- People Recruited is not usable in Monthy Reports when I use Aurora Websites RESOLVED
703072 -- TOC wiki command broken Websites RESOLVED
704750 -- The android nightly download link is 404 Websites Matt Brubeck (:mbrubeck) RESOLVED
706263 -- Recent wiki update broke CreateTemplates page Websites Milos Dinic [:Milos] RESOLVED
710024 -- skin problem with Semantic MW on MW 1.17 Websites Jake Maul [:jakem] RESOLVED
710817 -- Missing favicon on (404 not found) Websites Jake Maul [:jakem] RESOLVED
711244 -- Integrate a better wiki-text editor for Websites RESOLVED
712775 -- Rich text editor broken Websites RESOLVED
714540 -- Cross site scripting(XSS) in Websites Fred Wenzel [:wenzel] VERIFIED
715042 -- Xss Vulnerability on Https:// Websites RESOLVED
721155 -- Persistent Cross Site Scripting in Websites RESOLVED
722271 -- does not use a sticky footer Websites RESOLVED
722308 -- create bugzilla template Websites RESOLVED
725244 -- Change wikimo headings frontpage Websites RESOLVED
728529 -- Dead link on Websites RESOLVED
729255 -- Optionally page result sets returned from mediawiki-bugzilla Websites RESOLVED
729259 -- Support use of multiple parameters with same name in mediawiki-bugzilla Websites Brandon Savage [:brandon] RESOLVED
729263 -- Make mediawiki-bugzilla chart path configurable Websites VERIFIED
729637 -- Mixed content on Websites RESOLVED
729799 -- Please nuke/change old logos Websites RESOLVED
730320 -- Lists generated with mediawiki-bugzilla should link to bugzilla tickets Websites RESOLVED
731186 -- JavaScript error when trying to edit wiki page Websites RESOLVED
731456 -- <bugzilla> extension doesn't interpret templates in the query string values Websites Lawrence Mandel [:lmandel] (use needinfo) VERIFIED
731630 -- Empty ID value supplied to embedded <bugzilla> should not fetch every bug on Bugzilla Websites RESOLVED
732172 -- Embedded Bugzilla No Longer Working On Wiki Websites RESOLVED
733272 -- Dead links to dbaron's layout presentation Websites RESOLVED
733389 -- Deploy wikimedia-bugzilla fixes for bugs 729605, 730320 and 731456 Websites Jake Maul [:jakem] RESOLVED
734884 -- mediawiki-bugzilla charts are broken Websites RESOLVED
737862 -- Need to change id of href to be more intuitive Websites RESOLVED
738669 -- We should probably escape html pulled in via <bugzilla /> wiki tags. Websites Brandon Savage [:brandon] RESOLVED
740897 -- Add tabzilla to wikimo Websites RESOLVED
742458 -- Submitting is too slow Websites RESOLVED
743987 -- Specify mediawiki-bugzilla table columns Websites RESOLVED
743989 -- Improve mediawiki-bugzilla error reporting Websites RESOLVED
743994 -- mediawiki-bugzilla table not rendered correctly Websites Brandon Savage [:brandon] RESOLVED
744977 -- Please implement Mozilla Persona (a.k.a. BrowserID) on Websites RESOLVED
747760 -- Wiki account error Websites RESOLVED
747818 -- Misspelling at Tree Rules Websites RESOLVED
751928 -- Incorrect grammar on L10N Wiki Websites RESOLVED
752133 -- confusing buggy duplicate breadcrumb trail for subpages in gmo skin Websites RESOLVED
752798 -- File Disclosure on Websites RESOLVED
756327 -- "Releases" Wiki Not Updated for Recent Releases Websites RESOLVED
757868 -- Special:ListFiles returns PHP fatal error Websites RESOLVED
761195 -- Update out of date meeting information on main page Websites RESOLVED
767167 -- Persistent XSS with SVG files on Websites RESOLVED
768173 -- Recover user, lost email address. Websites RESOLVED
769204 -- Install Cite extension Websites NEW
770076 -- MDN prefix missing from interwiki table Websites RESOLVED
773446 -- Update the Main page of the Mozilla Wiki (July 2012) Websites Henrik Mitsch [:hmitsch] RESOLVED
774182 -- javascript errors on (resulting in visible "undefined" on the page) Websites RESOLVED
776645 -- "ReferenceError: stylepath is not defined" and "TypeError: $(".bugzilla").dataTable is not a function" on Websites RESOLVED
779491 -- Reflective XSS on Websites RESOLVED
779749 -- Recovering lost wiki account Websites RESOLVED
780482 -- Spam accounts Websites RESOLVED
780667 -- Print stylesheet should exclude navigation Websites RESOLVED
780785 -- Add move and move-subpages rights to ckoehler Websites RESOLVED
790327 -- Can't upload PNG to wiki Websites RESOLVED
790594 -- Request: Install subpages extension on Websites RESOLVED
792488 -- Can't upload a a pdf from MozCamp to wiki Websites RESOLVED
793228 -- Xss may exist Websites RESOLVED
801027 -- XSS: [wikimedia] in Semantic Search Websites RESOLVED
801638 -- XSS: FormStart Websites RESOLVED
802709 -- Password policy [brute force] Websites RESOLVED
811578 -- Possible SQL Injection Websites RESOLVED
812382 -- Websites RESOLVED
812769 -- xss in URL JsUnit 2.2 Websites RESOLVED
815197 -- need to add the Mobile Apps Ecosystem to the Mozilla Wiki homepage with links Websites RESOLVED
816142 -- Turn on html5 meter element for wiki.m.o Websites RESOLVED
817260 -- [wiki] add .webm to the list of allowed extensions for file uploads Websites RESOLVED
819708 -- editor wont show rich text editor Websites RESOLVED
821725 -- Introduction To Mozilla Project Brochure - Link Broken. Websites Alison Wheeler [:AlisonW] RESOLVED
826853 -- Breadcrumb link/text after redirection is incorrect Websites Alison Wheeler [:AlisonW] RESOLVED
838238 -- Rich Editor not working Websites RESOLVED
839457 -- Able to create user without a valid email address on Websites RESOLVED
839899 -- mediaWiki.user.options.set Websites RESOLVED
842303 -- MozillaWiki needs to be de-spammed Websites RESOLVED
845087 -- Lots of spam/bogus pages on Websites RESOLVED
845390 -- bugzilla mediawiki extension doesn't support table rows for include_fields Websites Brandon Savage [:brandon] RESOLVED
845565 -- "CDN-ise" (static assets like the theme, JS, fonts, perhaps?) to help increase performance Websites Alison Wheeler [:AlisonW] RESOLVED
847992 -- XSS in FCKeditor on Websites Paul Theriault [:pauljt] (no longer reading bugmail) RESOLVED
848058 -- Local path disclosure in FCKeditor on Websites RESOLVED
853563 -- Links in MozillaWiki Page Notification Mails broken Websites RESOLVED
854395 -- wikitable collapsible class broken Websites RESOLVED
854774 -- make captcha not required for links Websites Justin Wood (:Callek) RESOLVED
854946 -- could not download search plugin for wiki.m.o Websites RESOLVED
855033 -- Tables no longer collapsible Websites RESOLVED
855560 -- Open source license missing in MediaWiki-Bugzilla extension Websites Brandon Savage [:brandon] RESOLVED
856021 -- Watch emails and other parts of are missing the domain name and have broken links Websites Brandon Burton [:solarce] RESOLVED
856228 -- Spam users still making their way into the system Websites Alison Wheeler [:AlisonW] RESOLVED
856643 -- Links in nonexistent page are not correctly displayed Websites RESOLVED
857891 -- Default style sheet on wiki has removed margin on bulleted items Websites RESOLVED
857892 -- Links to many wiki functions now broken on wiki Websites RESOLVED
858148 -- line spacing around lists changed by recent update Websites RESOLVED
858162 -- wiki.m.o tempalte breakage since latest upgrade Websites RESOLVED
858844 -- Sortable tables on wiki no longer sortable Websites Jake Maul [:jakem] RESOLVED
860214 -- Get rid of the CAPTCHA when creating new pages Websites Jason Crowe [:jd] RESOLVED
860443 -- Wikimo change notifications don't linkify the diff link any more Websites RESOLVED
861017 -- wiki.m.o page turned into a redirect with no way back to the original page Websites RESOLVED
861241 -- Particular wiki pages are blank and returning 500 server errors Websites RESOLVED
861329 -- Whitelist autoconfirmed accounts so that they never see captcha Websites Alison Wheeler [:AlisonW] RESOLVED
863073 -- Edit and Search links malformed on blank pages Websites VERIFIED
864865 -- Add HTTPS Support To Smartsheet Plugin Websites Ben (:bensternthal) RESOLVED
867640 -- Can't post any external links to, blocked by anti-spam & no work around Websites RESOLVED
869231 -- Change link broken in watch email Websites RESOLVED
869534 -- Broken links in wiki page change emails Websites RESOLVED
870139 -- Google doesn't index because of robots.txt Websites RESOLVED
871914 -- Blank page on image upload Websites RESOLVED
872958 -- Spam filter chocks on URI Websites RESOLVED
873408 -- Tables are cut off on wiki, because of container overflow:hidden Websites RESOLVED
875105 -- monobook theme tabs are too short Websites RESOLVED
876678 -- GMO skin gives no bottom margin to <ul> Websites RESOLVED
877119 -- discloses internal IP Websites Jason Crowe [:jd] RESOLVED
878214 -- stored xss in Wiki.m.o Websites RESOLVED
878596 -- [MozWiki] Links in email notifications are broken Websites RESOLVED
879827 -- Please turn off JavaScript table support for mediawiki-bugzilla Websites RESOLVED
880974 -- adding a link is blocked as spam at Websites Alison Wheeler [:AlisonW] RESOLVED
882957 -- Can't confirm e-mail Websites RESOLVED
887939 -- Create widgets: "X Most Popular in Last Y Days" and "Last X Edits" Websites Mark A. Hershberger (hexmode) RESOLVED
890462 -- ReMo/Task forces empty. Websites William Quiviger [:williamq] RESOLVED
893702 -- Add ".odg" to list of permitted filetypes on Websites Brandon Burton [:solarce] VERIFIED
893960 -- Wiki navbar floats above header when it gets too big. Websites RESOLVED
899805 -- Add to main wiki page: Websites RESOLVED
902595 -- wiki bugzilla template and partial values in a field Websites RESOLVED
902957 -- not rendering Websites RESOLVED
902963 -- Stored XSS on Websites RESOLVED
906832 -- Login timeouts are far too short Websites RESOLVED
913933 -- Replacement of current CAPTCHA Websites RESOLVED
914053 -- Please may user edmorley have page move permissions Websites Reed Loden [:reed] RESOLVED
915187 -- Improve search Websites NEW
928466 -- [media wiki] missing CSRF / Websites RESOLVED
928467 -- missing CSRF / Websites RESOLVED
928470 -- [media wiki] missing CSRF / Websites RESOLVED
932203 -- Cannot create account on Mozilla Wiki without Google and JavaScript Websites RESOLVED
933027 -- redirects for student ambassadors Websites RESOLVED
942540 -- Breach attack Websites RESOLVED
947961 -- Block/Remove user wiki account Taewong Websites Reed Loden [:reed] RESOLVED
949701 -- Install Persona extension Websites RESOLVED
952573 -- One user have the same user page content as mine Websites RESOLVED
956703 -- Sorting Table does not currently work on Websites RESOLVED
961132 -- URLs with trailing slashes should redirect to URLs without trailing slashes Websites RESOLVED
961296 -- Install Google Calendar widget Websites RESOLVED
965884 -- add ckoehler to administrators group Websites RESOLVED
966734 -- persistent xss in on svg attachments Websites RESOLVED
972882 -- SSL Certificate chain fail for Certificate '' Websites RESOLVED
974650 -- Enable A/B Testing Websites NEW
986832 -- Deal with spam/"hacking" attacks on wikimo (2014-03-22) Websites RESOLVED
987187 -- Require users be confirmed before they can edit or create pages Websites RESOLVED
991231 -- Remove "m" icon from links on Websites RESOLVED
994464 -- Need canmove group membership to move pages on Websites RESOLVED
995620 -- l10n webparts is in portuguese (expected English) Websites RESOLVED
995638 -- Determine how to handle localized wiki pages Websites NEW
997135 -- Purge really old deleted pages Websites NEW
999776 -- Large content is cropped Websites RESOLVED
1001710 -- Recent changes to break bugzilla plugin Websites Jake Maul [:jakem] RESOLVED
1002411 -- Wiki Form displays incorrectly on Firefox browser Websites RESOLVED
1006627 -- Recent upgrade has introduced a rendering regression on scroll Websites RESOLVED
1008282 -- MozillaWiki on staging environment does not display Recaptcha Websites Jake Maul [:jakem] VERIFIED
1011256 -- Deleting wiki pages Websites Chris Turra [:cturra] RESOLVED
1011818 -- MozillaWiki on QA staging and dev has automated account creation test issues Websites RESOLVED
1012563 -- HTML Injection In Websites RESOLVED
1016209 -- Add the "bugzilla" icon for URLs Websites RESOLVED
1017714 -- Install GitHub Issues extension Websites RESOLVED
1023177 -- [prod][stage] "Disclaimers" link is missing from the footer area Websites RESOLVED
1027413 -- I forgot my password and wiki is not sending me a reset link Websites RESOLVED
1032351 -- Upgrade to MediaWiki 1.23 Websites C. Liang [:cyliang] RESOLVED
1034201 -- Clarify inline code snippets with alternate styling Websites RESOLVED
1037209 -- Account Request: No Password Provided Websites RESOLVED
1039580 -- My User Wiki Account has been deleted Websites RESOLVED
1040021 -- Account Recovery through email Websites REOPENED
1041392 -- xss in semantic search parameters Websites Curtis Koenig [:curtisk-use]] RESOLVED
1044583 -- Install Widgets extension Websites RESOLVED
1047606 -- Link spam filter on Mozilla Wiki overly aggressive Websites RESOLVED
1047872 -- Search engines should not index "action=edit" links Websites RESOLVED
1048995 -- Blacklisted domain shouldn't be Websites RESOLVED
1048999 -- URLs filtered by blacklist should be highlighted in message Websites RESOLVED
1049000 -- Allow editing of spam-filtered content Websites RESOLVED
1049082 -- Page markup for the watch notification message differs between dev and staging/prod Websites Spike, UTC+1, spike on Matrix NEW
1050767 -- Mozilla Wiki announcement had no learn more link Websites REOPENED

580 Total; 78 Open (13.45%); 485 Resolved (83.62%); 17 Verified (2.93%);

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