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Short description: The Open Writing Space is a community for writers.

Audience: Writers of all ages, from middle school through adult, both in formal and informal contexts (I’m envisioning modules that could be used in middle and high school classrooms; sections that could act as online courses for adults; private areas for personal writing; springboards for personal writing; community space for writing and reading clubs; and more.)

Goals: To inspire a love for writing and to help writers of all ages develop their craft

How does it work?: Writers of all ages will gather here to develop their own personal writing craft, to draw inspirations, and to collaborate and converse with other writers. The two main parts of the site will be a community space and a personal space for each member.

Similar projects: Could draw on some aspects of the following:

Open Technology

Still working on this, but considering:

  • WPMu/BuddyPress
  • Elgg
  • MediaWiki
  • Drupal
  • OpenGoo

The writing engine is going to be the hard part. Anyone have ideas?

Here are some ideas:

Open Content / Licensing

All content in the “community space” will be licensed under Creative Commons Attribution. All content in people’s “personal space” can be licensed however individuals choose. (This content won’t be in public view unless users choose to publish it.)

Open Pedagogy

This is largely a self-driven learning environment with very little "direct instruction."

However, there will be an assortment of resources that writer participants can use to guide their own experience if they like, including modules such as:


   * Video vignettes from authors, casual writers, teachers, kids,and others talking about writing
   * Writing prompts
   * Reading to write (online book clubs, RSS feeds of relevant readings, etc.)
   * Real life writing tasks
   * Blogs
   * Writing portfolios


   * Writing process exercises
   * Developing a voice
   * Grammar/style handbooks
   * Traits of writing
   * Online writing assessment
   * Character development
   * Writing dialogue
   * Non-fiction writing

Diagram / Sketch

Writing space map-kmf.png