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Project Description

A month(ish)-long study to provide the FX UX team with guidelines for designing for security and privacy.

Why do we want to do this project?

  • The Mozilla UX team, particularly the Firefox team wants to have a consistent, reasonable design stance on privacy and security that can be used as a guideline for addressing security and privacy requirements in our products.
  • Because Security & Privacy reside in the realm of the super-technical or super-paranoid, and we want to make it more human and friendly (for the rest of us).

What this project will deliver:

  • Baseline frameworks for designing for Security & Privacy in Firefox by evaluating current trends and existing (usability, user, academic) research
  • Initial design guidelines for designing for security & privacy in Firefox
  • A small design exercise using the framework with a specific Firefox security or privacy issue
  • A summary presentation & report about the findings

What this project is NOT going to accomplish in one month:

  • Provide Mozilla with a list of opportunities for innovative design in the security & privacy space
  • Provide a detailed analysis of user needs and mindsets (need ethnographic research for this)
  • Have a concrete design for all of the security and privacy needs we currently have today
  • Establish a really solid design strategy for security and privacy (need ethnographic research for this)

Note: We aren't going to accomplish the items above mainly because this is intended to be a scoping project. I'm not going to do any ethnographic research for this phase yet, nor will I try to address all the specific design problems we have in Firefox. These are all good things to start working on if phase I is a success though.

Archive of Work

Notes and other work in progress relating to this project.

Related UI

UI designs I've created along the way.


Some of the material I've read to help me understand this subject