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[ Please add any AMO specific docs which are not referenced here yet. Feel free to comment, discuss and improve in best wiki manner. --Marc Diethelm 08:00, 28 June 2008 (PDT) ]

About the Add-ons site

[what is it, who, how does it work]

Mozilla Add-ons, also known as AMO (formerly UMO), is the official resource for finding and installing add-ons (extensions, themes, dictionaries, search engines, plugins) for Mozilla products like Firefox [link], Thunderbird [link] and Sunbird [link]. It is also the default location most Mozilla products check for updates to add-ons.

Every freshly added add-on goes to a 'sandbox' first and is marked experimental. Add-ons in the sandbox can only be accessed if you register [1] and log in. Developers can nominate their add-ons to 'go public' which starts a review process [2] [old]. Every registered user can write reviews. But only editors [3] and admins can moderate add-ons.

If you have questions that are not addressed in this FAQ [link] [create a FAQ in wiki] or here, including questions about add-on reviews, you can write to:

[or maybe a small email form / link to SUMO?]

   * Mailing list: amo-editors AT mozilla DOT org
   * IRC: #addons on 

For administrative or development concerns:

   * Mailing list: amo-admins AT mozilla DOT org
   * IRC: #amo on ]

Add-on Developers

In order to host an add-on here you need to create an account [4], follow the add-on policy [5] and accept the Developer Agreement [6]. Then you should be able to fill in this document [7].

I you would like to become an editor for AMO you should have a look at the docs here [8]

If you're getting started with development in Mozilla you should be aware of the following resources:

Mozilla Developer Center
Mozillazine (check the Forums!)
Planet Mozilla