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Developer Dictionary


Something changed in the source tree that made all the complied code in the obj-x86_64-pc-blah/ directory invalid. Run ./mach clobber.

Testing code and CI

⭐ fixed by commit (Treeherder, seen in job description lower left)
⭐ (Treeherder, seen beside job name)
Sheriffs know what broke, it wasn't you. Probably an intermittent test failure. Ignore it or Retry the job if you needed the test.
The branch of the Firefox source repository that everyone's code is committed to by default. The entire tree hasn't passed CI yet, there could be test failures.
job (Treeherder, looks like a badge with 'B', 'Ba', 'mbu', etc.)
An individual build or test suite during your test run, such as "mozbuild unit tests on Linux" or "debug build on Mac OS 10.12".
try run
Using ./mach try to run your code in Firefox CI.

Landing code

closed tree
The sheriffs have stopped all code checkins so the sheriffs and developers can add and remove code to turn the test suite green. It lasts a few hours, wait patiently.
Sheriffs make sure the builds in Firefox CI are green and have the power to copy changes between Firefox release branches and to land code on your behalf. They revert checkins that bust lots of things. They also watch for flaky tests and mark them with a ⭐ in Treeherder.
To ask for a fix to be applied to the Beta, Release, and ESR source trees. The fix is so important that people who are already running a released version of Firefox should have it too. "good catch. please fix and uplift"

Source control

One of the branches of Firefox source code we commit code to. See for a list.
Short for


A build, test, or tool that's broken. e.g. "The build is busted" or the command ./mach busted