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This is A.Mohammed Adam From Villupuram, Tamilnadu.

Im a ComputerScience and Engineering Student.

I was More Passionate on my work what Im doing now and then. I Follow those lines that Talent can Makes more Opportunities.

I feel very proud to say Im a FreeSoftware Activist and also Im a GNU/linux user . And also Im interested to Contributing in FreeSoftwares Technologies.

I Love to Involved and Contribute to Mozilla Firefox.

I involved in Mozilla Tamil Localization and Translation, FirefoxOs Apps Localization in Transifex,and also involved in Mozilla tech Evangelism.

My First Event on Womezl10n Organized by Me in Villupuram as a Firefox Student Ambassador. 1) Event started with general intro about Free Software Philosophy. This 20min speech given by Mohammed Adam.

2) Then Mr. Karkee talk about History of International women’s day and Role of Women in this Society.

3) These two people handover the session to MR.KhaleelJageer He started withTechnology and Women in technology. Later He went into Mozilla and its project. Then he raised the question about importance of Language to a human. Simultaneously he fired another question importance of mother tongue to a human. This two question make the participants to think more. Ultimately they started to answer with their own point about language. From this involvement he moved the session to Mozilla Tamil Localization and Translation.

First He took Mozilla pootle project then moved to Transifex project and finally Support Mozilla translation. At-last we distributed some books about feminism to the participants who are all active in throughout the session. Then distributed the Mozilla swags to the participants.

Total Number of Participants = 49 + 6 Volunteers from local Community.
Special Thanks to My Rep MR.KhaleelJageer Volunteers: 1. Mohammed Adam 2. Subashini 3. Sathish 4. Priyadharshini 5. Priyadharshini Thanks to the Volunteers…
Event Photos uploaded here