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User-tasks for the event dialog

small business

  • Write down when an appointment is
  • Tell the app to remind him of appointments
    • (case: working at computer, appointment with co-worker at 11:00. Wants to be interrupted for that)
  • Write down location of appointment
  • Store anniversaries etc
  • Store repeating events
    • (case: deadline for tax)
  • Set privacy
    • (case: secretary doesn't need to know about this private item)


  • Write down when an appointment is
    • (case: doctors appointment)
  • Write location
    • (case: room nr for appointment with professor)
  • Set recurring pattern
    • (case: class every week)
  • Add url
    • (case: homework description on the net)
  • Add aniversaries
    • (case: friends birthday)
  • Send invitations over email (but without fullblown freebusy)
    • (case: telling a friend when and where some event is)


  • All of the small business tasks
  • Invite co-worker to an appointment
  • Make a reservation for a room
  • Add document


We see that the small business tasks and the student cases have a big overlap. They can likely share the same UI. But enterprise is quite different, with features that require a lot of UI. Currently, that's handled by having to distinct dialogs: to sets of code. This is a bit overkill. A solution could be to have one set of code, but with a pref to enable some parts of it (like the freebusy part).

Toronto List

event dialog related items from the toronto list


  • Create an event/task
  • Edit an event/task
  • Be reminded
  • change a repeating pattern
  • change an instance of a repeating event

Necessary for our target users

  • Access my addressbook while inviting (Lightning+)
  • Cancel a meeting
  • Change your response to said invitation
  • Find when someone else is free (multiple people)
  • move an event to another calendar
  • copy an event to another calendar
  • classify an event (tags)
  • set up an event in a different timezone
  • publish an event/notes from it
    • send mail to everyone at a meeting
  • set an event as not blocking my time

Nice to have

  • Suggest an alternate time/reschedule
  • Schedule a meeting before a deadline
  • find attendees for meetings
  • attach a "thing" (including application) to an event/task
  • annotate events on read-only calendars
  • set up events for plane flights between timezones
  • create a set of events from a single template
  • manipulate events by classification
    • change, move, show, hide
  • link two events together so they always move together
  • create events with ambiguous ends
  • classify events in email categories
  • reschedule an event to an ambiguous time
  • separate/understand my work/home availability (the same event has different free/busy implications depending on who's asking)
  • handle travel time for events
  • designate ranges/rules for handling/accept/decline invitations
  • get birthdays from addressbook
  • tell me how old someone is
  • handle event importance
  • send out an invite with customize appearance
  • rich notes
  • spellcheck my events
  • delegate an event
  • schedule vacation time

Extension fodder

  • create timezone independent events
  • reserve a room
  • reserve a resource
  • group attendees
  • translate an event

user-tasks for task dialog

small business