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There seem to be two possible routes for sunbird to go. One is to make everything possible. The other is to make sunbird as simple to use as possible.

I suggest to go the second road, the one that makes sunbird as simple to use as possible. This is to be done by mainly focussing at a home-users wanting to keep track of his activities and future tasks.

(ofcourse, more complex things should be possible to add using an extension)

This means a few things are not included:

  • Hierarchical tasks, with folders etc. Using categories and being able to filter on them will bring a lot of that functionality back, wihthout forcing the user to think in trees.
  • Complex groupware stuff
  • Seperate alarm settings per tasks. Just a global, per-calendar or maybe par-category setting about mailing or beeping. Not sure where to store how much in advance the alarm should ring.
  • An event window thal allows to store everything the icalendar standard allows. It should be designed from a user perspective instead.

But what should be included?

  • Easy editing of events. Drag in the view and you should be able to type the title of the event right there, in the view. The dialog to edit the dialog should be as clean as possible, with just the needed fields.
  • Same for tasks, except the dragging to create a new one is replaced by clicking somewhere in the tasklist.