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In the context of application updates, a watershed is a version which a user must pass through before being offered a later build. For example

   Very Old ---->  Pretty Old ---> Latest

This is usually the result of needing new functionality in Pretty Old before getting to Latest. Latest may not be offered if the user is on an old OS too.

The placement of watersheds can depend on channel, and I'm not attempting to cover the Thunderbird cases here.

release channel

Hg history, CVS prehistory. See also config-dist for AUS2.

Firefox 12.0

bug 759767

In Firefox 13.0 we dropped support for Windows 2000, Windows XP RTM and SP1. Before Firefox 9 we were not returning the service pack information in the update query, bug 668436, so could not distinguish which requests to offer 13.0 to. The result is Firefox 4.0-9.0.1 must update to Firefox 12.0 first.

Firefox 3.6.28 from 3.6.older

Bug unknown. See also User:NThomas:Mac_BUILDTARGET Mac BUILD_TARGETs.

We deprecated PPC support in Firefox 4.0, and switched to 32bit + 64bit Intel in the universal binary. From 3.6.13 we can tell if the user is running PPC or Intel. So Firefox 3.6.0-3.6.12 all update to 3.6.28 first, then possibly onwards.

Firefox 3.6.18 from 3.5.1-3.5.19

Bug unknown. See also User:NThomas:Mac_BUILDTARGET Mac BUILD_TARGETs.

Similar to above. All 3.5 builds (except 3.5 final, curiously) go to a 3.6.x build which reports the running BUILD_TARGET, so the users will be offered 12.0 if they are on Intel.

beta channel

Hg history, CVS prehistory.

Firefox 29.0

bug 997499'

We needed beta users to have a 29.0 build that can use updatev3.manifest, before getting a release build without an update-settings.ini. Every beta from 10.0-28.0 is offered 29.0b8 (previously was the latest beta).

Firefox 11.0b5

bug 717214 and bug 729654

bug 717214 was a speed up for handling snippets by dropping older releases. At the time of 11.0b1 was current, so update requests from 4.0b8-9.0b5 were offered 11.0b2.

A little later in bug 729654 we wanted to redo the updates from 4.0b7-9.0b6 (a slightly wider range) to go to 11.0b5, with tweaks so this would be a background update with no user prompts about extension compatibility.

Firefox 5.0b1

Updates from 3.7a2-a5, and 4.0b1-4.0b6 point at 5.0.