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Project Blueprint: Short description: I want to put together a lightweight LCMS on an Apache server that I can use to host Free School classes. I want to be able to package this system so that teachers can easily install it themselves and get going with all the essential features and extensibility of an open course. Additionally, students may wish to install the system themselves to aggregate and package their own content for a course if their teacher does not (in this way this tool should be "outward-facing"


  • Teachers (professional and "free schoolers")
  • Students who want to use course aggregation techniques
  • University Professors
  • Internet Users (who would visit packaged courses on installations of the system)


  • Establish guiding principals for the ideal "shape" of the LCMS. [See my blog post on "shape"]
  • Spread understanding of open techniques.
  • Spread availability of the content of courses that teachers have developed and students have taken so that others can repackage them for their own context.

How does it work?: --more to come--

Similar projects: [See Social LCMS Group project page]

--more to come-- 

Open Technology

--more to come--

Open Content / Licensing

What types of content are you using or producing, and how are they licensed. Do you need to clear copyright for any of them? Are there institutional policies that affect what you can (or cannot) do? --more to come--

Open Pedagogy

How do participants learn? What forms of assessment are you using? --more to come--

Diagram / Sketch

I'll make a diagram of the essential elements and structure of an LCMS..