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things to do:

likely widgetstack bugs/issues/features needed:

  • [P2] sidebars need to pop in or out, but not stay halfway open
  • [P3] better resistance on sidebar borders (vlad - WIP)
  • [P1] urlbar needs to show up, over content, when a sidebar pans in (vlad - WIP)

resizing issues:

  • [P2] borders of resistance need to move based on viewport size (vlad - WIP)
  • [P1] hardcoded widths need to go away so we can pan on right sidebar on non-maximized browser
  • [P1] autocomplete popup is not sized well (as it is in m-b)


  • [P3] need to get rid of the scrollbox for the tabs and make it just use boxes
  • [P2] tab icons aren't the right size
  • [P2] tab icons aren't being updated at the right times (much better)
  • [P2] add back tab events [TabOpen, TabSelect, TabClose]
  • [P1] selecting a tab is broken
  • [P1] removing a tab is broken


  • [P1] prefs/download manager/addons panels need to work
  • [P2] urlbar should be at 0,0 with the viewport below it, so when you pan to 0,0 ("reset the display") the urlbar is visible.


  • [P2] should have a reset to default method on Browser that pans to urlbar.left, (0,-60)
  • [Px] address all the XXX comments
  • [P1] setViewportBounds is often being called with a viewport that is too big (in updateViewportSize())
  • [P1] can't edit urlbar until you load a page
  • [P2] notificationbar needs to be added back, but only when it can be done without adding a native widget
  • [P?] When notification bar is back in place, need to implement geolocation prompt

input handling:

  • [P2] clicking on pages often requires 2 clicks
  • [P2] kinetic scrolling
  • [P2] double click to zoom (stuart - WIP)


  • [P3] use a larger canvas/smart tiling/break up paints
  • [P1] not sure that blit scrolls are working properly