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Firefox Leaked!


Create a marketing tool that lets people share their story of how a Firefox memory leak has affected their lives.


Within our technical community, many users are irritated with the amount of resources Firefox consumes. It is a very popular point of discussion amongst Firefox conversation. This website would allow users to directly speak to Mozilla. Furthermore, it would provide affirmation that there is a problem and that it is being worked on. The tool will be used to collect user experiences and use cases.

Design and Feel

The tool will take a light-hearted sympathetic/apologetic feel. Borrowing graphics from the "save the web, please use web standards" campaign, the design can incorporate messages like:

  • Did Firefox leave a mess all over?
  • Don't let Firefox leak on your computer, tell on him!
  • Let's get it Firefox fixed!


The fundamental part of the feedback would be a dressed up bugzilla form. There, the user would comment on various aspects of their experience, such as:

  • Situation that lead to them notice the problem
  • How much memory was used
  • How long Firefox was running
  • Number (or list) of extensions installed
  • What level of user they are

Additionally, the tool could be used to see how it made them feel. These could be tied to different bugzilla severity levels:

  • Annoying, have to restart Firefox every other day
  • Upset, considering using another product
  • Outraged, switched to opera!

Using the data

The main goal would be to gather more user feedback in hopes of further putting eyes on the issue.

There are a few fun things that could be done with the data too. For instance, the following metrics could be identified:

  • XX% of users stop using Firefox because of this
  • Firefox has wasted XXX MB of the worlds memory

Conclusions (and why this is important)

An increasing popular topic is memory consumption and Firefox. Allowing users to rant, provide constructive criticism, and to know that Mozilla is actively addressing the issue will reduce Firefox's ever increasing reputation of being bloated and crashy.