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The goal of v01 of the metrics extension for Firefox is to prove desired functionality. In order to do this, the extension needs to be updated to work with mozilla trunk, built, and tested using a simple server backend.

The deliverable is an updated and tested extension that works with Firefox betas and nightlys.


  • Review changes and get patch in trunk (Fx 3): bug 393881
  • Demonstrate a working metrics extension: bug 399869
  • Ensure working test suite for metrics extension: bug 401742
  • Determine metrics extension compatibility with Google Toolbar: bug 401745
  • Add opt-in UI to preferences: bug 328070
  • nsLoadCollector incorrectly handling loads: bug 328070
  • Make metrics extension build --with-libxul-sdk=/path/to/sdk --enable-application=extensions/metrics: bug 406626