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  • Title of session: Finding and discovery is as important as making.
  • Sub-title of session: Otherwise, you are just making it for yourself.
  • Your name and affiliation: Peter Rawsthorne, MoFo Consultant
  • Session format: Learning Lab

What will your session or activity allow people to make, learn or do?

If people can't find your stuff (and within learning context) it won't be used or reused!

  • Learn: how to enhance online resources to be more easily found and within learning context.
    People will learn about and LRMI so the things they make are more easily found during searching. Webmaking is also about gaining access to learning resources built and being built. For learning, the resources need to be put into and used within the context of their learning (age appropriate, resource type, etc...) The semantic web being encarnated within schemas, and the LRMI standard will assist greatly with learning resource discovery and findability.
  • Do: Determine the learning audience and context to increase findability of educational resources within the desired learning context.
    Assess the learning events and resources they are making and determine the audience and learning context they are targeting. Identify keywords, schema resources and types, demographics, and context to increase resource findability.
  • Make: participants will make their new and existing web resources more awesome
    Participants will make changes to their existing web resources to increase findability and put them into context for the learner. This will increase access to learning toward Mozilla built online resources.

How do you see that working?

1. Start with a discussion about finding the stuff online that you need. In particular, for learning...

  • What works? What doesn't?
  • What stuff stands out? What is discovery vs. search?
  • What is really important when building stuff so it can be found?

2. Another short discussion about the changes required to make stuff more findable and discoverable

  • Really what is faceted search and why does it matter?
  • What is the purpose of and related / derived schemas?

3. A quick demo of faceted search as it relates to access to learning and
4. A quick look at the changes make to an online resource
5. At last, hands on... make changes to some of your existing resources

How will you deal with 5, 15, 50 participants?

The more people join in, the more people break into groups to discuss the themes and make the change to their online resources. It will change from one person facilitating one group, to many groups learning together, and the collective group efforts being shepherded by one person...

How long within your session before someone else can teach this?

As soon as one person has determined their audience, learning context, and made change to their learning resource... they can teach another. Lets say 30 minutes...

What do you see as outcomes after the festival?

  1. An increase to in-context findability of mozilla resources as learning objects
  2. Mozilla resources being more discoverable within faceted search results
  3. People adding a couple of extra attributes to their online resources to make them more findable and within context for learners
  4. A bunch of blog posts, screencasts, videos, and learning resources on discovery and findability