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Build farm infrastructure update and discussion


paul: mozilla tools tinderbox-configs

Update information on the wikis to be more accurate.

dbaron: Build targets should be added to client,mk and not restricted to Tinderbox. There is some consensus.

make check

rhelmer: Tinderbox currently runs "make test" or could run "make perftest"

boris/dbaron: performance tests should run on slow boxes, correctness tests should run as quickly as possible. Dbaron notes that correctness tests, if done possible should take quite a while.

schrep: can see need for three classes of machines: builds, performance, correctness.

schrep: conceivably having a build system analogous to Java+Junit+Ant where a make target could invoke a set of tests and output the results to a text or xml file for Tinderbox to pick up. This allows developers to run tests as well as have them automatically invoked in tinderbox.