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coop's email

Jay and I would like to invite interested parties to attend a QMO planning meeting we have scheduled for 11:00am on Thursday, June 29th.

QMO refers to Quality.Mozilla.Org which was originally conceived as a holistic portal for Mozilla QA activities: one-stop shopping for people who want to help test Mozilla software. We currently use several tools to help meet parts of this goal: IRC, mailing lists, Litmus, QA blog.

What I'm proposing we discuss on Thursday is the following:

  • analysis of our current communication efforts. what's working? what isn't?
  • what people/groups are we currently not reaching that we should be

reaching _that we can reasonably expect to help us with our QA activities_ ?

  • what missing avenues or tools will allow us to reach these people/groups?
  • can any of our current tools be extended to fill this void?

I'm figuring this will last 90 minutes, or until everyone gets hungry and we break for lunch.

discussion should be setup and include a multi-user blog system. Wordpress. Jay is going to connect robcee to Justin for getting wordpress setup.

Main QA Blog should contain top-level information as it currently does, plus aggregate user blogs. Better advertising and promotion of test days. Podcasts? Surveys?

QMO should be a warehouse for all of the information related to QA. Currently there are a large number of disparate repositories of logs and information that is difficult to catalog and access. Having a central location for these datasources

Coop to investigate database integration.


  • Litmus
  • Hendrix
  • Tinderbox
  • Talkback

QMO pages for education on builds, current branches, CVS tags. HOW-TOs and documentation. Try not to duplicate DEVMO. How-to setup a system for testing and how to setup profiles would be useful pages to have at the very top level.

Searching on the wiki is poor. A keyword or cate

Coop suggests an extension as a possible vehicle for delivering tests to users. An extension that could download test cases from litmus via RSS and walk a user through them.

Litmus would need to tag suitable test cases and provide a service for the extension.

Daily builds forum would be a good avenue for people to communicate.

Walk for content and links to be cleaned, fixed or removed. Old information should be purged as it adds to the confusion.

Submit headshots to Jay!

Add qmo as a link to the start page. "Would you like to help?" Extension could broadcast messages to users about upcoming test days, bug days, tester of the month, ... Featuring community members for their contributions would be some very nice exposure. Referral program to gather testers from word-of-mouth.

Who are we looking for? New users, developers, technically-savvy users.

What are the barriers to recruiting new testers?