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[The following is remix of jscher's reply]

Please Back Up Now

Your Descriptions data should still be present in the database in Firefox 62 and 63. It is currently scheduled to be removed in Firefox 64 (this could change to a later release). Here is what we can suggest at this point:

Step 1: Export your Bookmarks

To do that, you can export bookmarks to a locally saved web page (HTML File). Please see this article: Export Firefox bookmarks to an HTML file to back up or transfer bookmarks.

That creates a web page, so you can open it in a Firefox tab, or in any browser. You'll notice the descriptions nested below the linked titles of the bookmarks that have descriptions. You can use Find (Ctrl/Command+f) to locate the bookmark you're looking for.

Next steps

This will depend on your needs.

(A) If you just need to consult the existing descriptions from time to time: searching in and copy/pasting from the HTML file may be good enough.

(B) If you need to access descriptions within Firefox, and prefer not to downgrade: you could investigate new extensions. For example, will provide access to Descriptions in the sidebar, and can import the file you created in Step 1.

(C) If you need to occasionally update the descriptions, but don't need them within Firefox: you could consider using a reference program such as Zotero to store your bookmarks and descriptions. See: [1]. This form of storage might be more resilient than an add-on if you don't make regular backups of your Firefox profile data, and cloud storage is optional.

(D) If you can't live without descriptions just the way they were in Firefox 60: you may consider the Extended Support Release of Firefox 60, also known as ESR. The ESR track was designed for companies that only want feature changes on an infrequent basis. So Firefox 60 ESR will only get security updates for the next 8 months, staying stable with the features of Firefox 60. Then ESR will jump to a new version, expected to be Firefox 68. We don't know what Firefox 68 will look like; it probably won't have descriptions, either.

More info on this option: Switch to Firefox Extended Support Release (ESR) for personal use.

Further Feedback for Mozilla

Here in support we work with the Firefox we have today and can suggest relevant features, settings changes, and workarounds. You can submit comments and suggestions through one or more of the following links: