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  • An unofficial support work in progress always DRAFT report for Firefox for Android 58 for power users and mozilla support volunteers, NOT for "normal" :-) users, what are we missing? either edit or irc me :rolandtanglao on #sumo in IRC or email me rtanglao AT or slack me @roland (you can find me in #sumo2). My apologies that some some of the linked documents are employee only; I wish we could be more "default by open" but not my call!
  • After the end of the first 3 weeks we should do a pretty report in Google Docs with graphs!
  • Also please note that we are not qualitative researchers, if you want something more scientific :-), please contact Matt Grimes of Strategy and Insights; his excellent team of qualitative and quantitative researchers can do something more formal and cool for you!

Source Documents

SUMO KB Article(s) for Firefox 58 for Android

New or Improved but not documented in SUMO

  • Added support for FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec) playback
  • Added Bengali from Bangladesh (bn-BD) and Nepali (ne-NP) locales
  • Added support for progressive web apps
  • Added ability to Sync only over non-metered connections (e.g., WiFi). Setting available via Sync Preferences.
  • Updated the Safe Browsing protocol to version 4

Other Documents

23 January 2018 Launch Day

SUMO Forums




Google Play


24 January 2018 Day 2


23-29 January 2018 Week 1

29 January 2018 Day 7

  • Firefox 58.0.1 was released for Android
    • ridealong: bug 1420641 - fennec release 57&58 loads first page after launch very slowly

30January-5 February 2018 Week 2

6-12 February 2018 Week 3

FF58-specific Things we learned from SUMO

Recurring non FF58-specific Things we learned from SUMO

Recurring things not learned from SUMO

  • bug 1325000 - Cannot send videos to Chromecast because Chromecast icon is not displayed! Been an issue since at least FF56.
  • Fixed in Firefox 60 for Android ----> bug 1434469 - Add a permission for coarse location data