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  • An unofficial support work in progress always DRAFT report for Firefox for Android 59 for power users and mozilla support volunteers, NOT for "normal" :-) users, what are we missing? either edit or irc me :rolandtanglao on #sumo or email me rtanglao AT or slack me @roland (you can find me in #sumo2). My apologies that some some of the linked documents are employee only; I wish we could be more "default by open" but not my call!
  • After the end of the first 3 weeks we should do a pretty report in Google Docs with graphs!
  • Also please note that we are not qualitative researchers, if you want something more scientific :-), please contact Matt Grimes of Strategy and Insights; his excellent team of qualitative and quantitative researchers can do something more formal and cool for you!

Source Documents

SUMO KB Article(s) for Firefox 59 for Android

New or Improved but not documented in SUMO

  • bug 1420886 - Signature of tracker "DoubleClick" detected in Fennec APKs (per - probably google play API related i.e. not Mozilla issue but a G*ogle issue :-) ?!?! - fixed in Firefox 59 for Android

Other Documents

13 March 2018 Launch Day

SUMO Forums




Google Play


14 March 2018 Day 2

  • unsolicited notification for Pocket Hits aka bug 1445722 - User reports about unsolicited native notifications from Firefox for Android <-- WONT FIX but maybe we can write a SUMO article about how to turn off Android OS notifications
  • followup bug to 1445722 is bug 1445798 to add a setting to globally turn off notifications inside of Firefox so we don't have to turn it off globally in Android OS settings


13-19 March 2018 Week 1

  • Firefox 59.01 for both Android and Desktop shipped on Friday March 16, 2018 to fix a security bug that came out of the annual Pwn2Own hacking contest.

20-26 March 2018 Week 2

Firefox 59.0.2 (doc with desktop and mobile bugs) was released Monday 26March at 50% and Tue 27March2018 at 100% for:

  • bug 1444549 - lean plumb related Crash in java.lang.NumberFormatException: For input string: "@<addr>64" at java.lang.Integer.parseInt(

27 March - 2 April 2018 Week 3

  • bug 1450793 - Top crash by far on 59.0 Android builds <--- Google Play Store Crash as of March 26 on Samsung Oreo devices like the S8?!? crashes don't show up on Socorro but do show up in Google Play
    • similar to or related to the following bug?!?! ---> bug 1449567 - Crash in java.lang.NullPointerException: NativeException NullHandle() [T = nsWindow::LayerViewSupport] at org.mozilla.gecko.mozglue.GeckoLoader.nativeRun(Native Method)
    • Android issue 77861779 filed by MoCo (might not be Android issue of course :-) )
    • bug 1455662 - mprotect() failure in linker causing crashes on S8 <--- fixed in Firefox for Android 60 (at least partially)

FF59-specific Things we learned from SUMO

Recurring non FF59-specific Things we learned from SUMO

Recurring things not learned from SUMO