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  • An unofficial support work in progress always DRAFT report for Firefox Focus 5.0 for power users and mozilla support volunteers, NOT for "normal" :-) users, what are we missing? either edit or irc me :rolandtanglao on #sumo or email me rtanglao AT or slack me @roland (you can find me in #slack2). My apologies that some some of the linked documents are employee only; I wish we could be more "default by open" but not my call!
  • After the end of the first 6 weeks we should do a pretty report in Google Docs with graphs!
  • Also please note that we are not qualitative researchers, if you want something more scientific :-), please contact Matt Grimes of Strategy and Insights; his excellent team of qualitative and quantitative researchers can do something more formal and cool for you!

Source Documents

SUMO documents

Non SUMO documents

Launch Day May 22, 2018

  • 5% May 15th, 25% May 17th, and 100% May 22nd

SUMO Forums






somedate1-somedate2 Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Firefox for Firefox Focus 5.0-specific Things we learned from SUMO

(not in order)

Recurring non Firefox for Firefox Focus 5.0 Things we learned from SUMO

Recurring things not learned from SUMO

[actually all of the following bugs, which are actually github issues, were also reported in sumo methinks]

(not in order, numbered for convenience)