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  • An unofficial support work in progress always DRAFT report for Firefox for Amazon Fire TV 1.0 for power users and mozilla support volunteers, NOT for "normal" :-) users, what are we missing? either edit or irc me :rolandtanglao on #sumo or email me rtanglao AT or slack me @roland (you can find me in #slack2). My apologies that some some of the linked documents are employee only; I wish we could be more "default by open" but not my call!
  • After the end of the first 6 weeks we should do a pretty report in Google Docs with graphs!
  • Also please note that we are not qualitative researchers, if you want something more scientific :-), please contact Matt Grimes of Strategy and Insights; his excellent team of qualitative and quantitative researchers can do something more formal and cool for you!

Source Documents

Launch Day 20 December 2017

SUMO Forums




Amazon App Store reviews



20December2017-26December2017 Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Firefox for Amazon Fire TV 1.0-specific Things we learned from SUMO

(not in order)

  1. "videos on don't run, which is a huge drawback unfortunately. In other Smart TV browsers they work (Samsung) or work at least partially (in Amazon's Silk, but for each video the mode needs to be changed to "desktop view which is really cumbersome in the long run)." - need to test and file a github issue? webcompat issue or fire tv issue? TBD - update 08jan2018, it appears that is a not a kosher video site, not sure if it's worth filing issues for these sorts of sites, will ask in slack.

Recurring non Firefox for Amazon Fire TV 1.0 Things we learned from SUMO

Recurring things not learned from SUMO

[actually all of the following bugs, which are actually github issues, were also reported in sumo methinks]

(not in order, numbered for convenience)

  1. Does support 4k? issue 277
  2. Can one view YouTube videos in 4K via Firefox for Fire TV browser. At the moment all 4K videos are transformed into 1080p and with a maximum of 30 fps - issue 274
  3. Buffering issues for YouTube videos over 15min #268
  4. Pointer UX issues from an app store review: The blue dot is a disaster. - The meeting of buttons is a matter of luck. The resolution of the control is not adapted to the HDMI resolution of the screen. The point is too big. If the buttons are unfavorable you can click 4 buttons at the same time. #266
  5. Support #265
  6. Youtube and Activitation Code issues #263 - I didn't have an issue but I bet the activation flow isn't the smoothest
  7. doesn't work (pop up issues) #262
  8. Make Firefox for Fire TV UA distinct #257 - not sure this is possible see - bug 1199592, comment 18
  9. Firefox for Fire TV is not accessible to the blind. #255 - according to a review
  10. Trying to go to from the sidebar doesn't work from certain pages #246 - due to special handling of!?!
  11. Allow users to turn on Tracking Protection #234 - scheduled for Firefox for Fire TV 1.1 - documented for 1.1 in the SUMO KB as Turn on Turbo Mode on Firefox for Fire TV
  12. Browser slows down device to become unusuable #230 - I've only seen this start on Youtube and I recently reproduced it while testing a patch that refreshes youtube a lot (during video playback) – maybe that could create a consistent STR?
  13. When fullscreen video is enabled, cursor should disappear #141