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Salman Rahman Desh

Hello everyone, I'm Salman Rahman (Desh) from Mozilla Bangladesh. Currently working as an Assistant IT officer at Bangladesh Finance and Investment Company Limited (BD Finance) and have great passion on UI/UX design. I'm a Mozilla Tech Speaker, ReMo, ex FSA Club Lead of Firefox at AIUB and Webmaker Super Mentor. I love to contribute to mozilla to make a better web.


Name: Salman Rahman Desh
Address: Dhaka, Bangladesh
Mozillians Profile:
Reps Profile:
My Site:
Mail Address:

Contributing Sectors

  • Mozilla Tech Speaker
  • Organize events & Community Build up
  • Speaker (Firefox OS, UI/UX)
  • Mozilla Webmaker
  • FSA
  • Firefox OS Apps Development
  • Mozilla Location Service(MLS) [MLS Profile]
  • Mozilla Affiliates [Affiliates Profile]