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Thunderbird Web Developer

sancus on Mozilla IRC
sancus at mozilla dot com

Thunderbird Site Transitions

  • sumomo
    • hopefully this is going away, and SUMO will take over, but...
    • needs to be updated to newest kitsune version for the migration to take place
  • broker
    • open source the code except for the password bits
    • I guess I'm stuck maintaining this if we ever add new providers or anything? Seems unlikely, but...
    • move as much as possible to bedrock
      • document changes as a result of moving.
    • redesign to match current firefox layout
    • document process for l10n and content releases, clean up tools(especially diffing tool)
    • clean up bugzilla component, fix remaining minor bugs if possible
  • Start Page
    • needs rotating content or some documented process for updating the content without webdev participation
  • Planet
    • move to
    • I want to bring this up for live for real, and replace with it, hopefully at
    • Not sure how much work is left here