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My name is Tadej Persic (or Tadej Peršič to be precise), and I am a 33 years old male, born on July 13 1980. I grew up in Ljubljana, a small green capitol of Slovenia, a country located in the heart of Europe.


I am an ex student at the College for Architecture (which is a part of the University in Ljubljana), while later on I switched to IT field. Until October 2012 I was a student (I had an "official" status of student) at the Informatics College. And the only reason (for still being a student in 2012) was that I needed to pass one last remaining exam from the first grade, otherwise I made all the exams in first term and I could even progress to second year with one missing exam. So when I finally did it in April 2012 (passed Programming exam) I was completely done with the studying part. I just need to finish my diploma work and graduate, hopefully before the end of this or next school year.


With regard to computers, I am interested in just about everything related to basic programming and scripting like batch programming, Vbscript, XHTML, JavaScript, CSS, Python, ABC, etc.), while I also enjoy customizing and tweaking my operating systems (and in general tinkering with my PC to the extreme) and similar; for more about this please visit my computing-related website. I mainly use Microsoft Windows XP, but occasionally I also use Linux (the Slackware Linux distribution). Otherwise I like to listen to various types of music, watch movies and television series such as South Park, Dilbert, Futurama, Simpsons, Star Trek, Babylon 5 etc. In my spare time, I also like to browse the World Wide Web (news and tech websites, post on various Internet forums), go to the nature, meet with my friends etc.