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My name is Stephen Devine, I am a long time Eudora user. As far as Eudora is concerned, I am wanting to see a good piece of software continue, and not give way to overbuilt- do everything I have no need for softwares. It's email. Just let me create my emails and recieve my emails. Don't create a false need. New features? Absolutely- but based on real needs and geniune functionality. I am not a hard core coder or programmer. I am a user, perhaps a super-user.

Professionally, I am a technologist. For those who don't know, a technologist determines the best way to implement a technology. We are usually involved with implementation, but also in writing requirements, and determining what kind of technology should be developed.

I have a project I have been working on a long time, called Mission Control Simulator. I do some actionscripting and some HTML, but my lack of programming ability has limited my development of MCS. I like to say- "It's like building a skyscraper all by yourself." There are some things that can't be done alone. If you would like to see more about the project, please visit [1] .

I also have a small business where I specialize in 3d graphics, and I also develop interactive presentations on CD or web, and provide software technical training. You can visit at [2] .