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Short description: Easy interface for complex web technology. Help in how to use open technology to advocate open content and open pedagogy.


  • Teachers
  • Students (Age depends on the efficiency of the project)
  • University Professors (not yet familiar with open *, or freeking out because of its complexity)
  • Internet Users (who seek to understand the exponential growing web tools)


  • Close the gap between Educational Web 2.0 and OER from one side and users afraid of web complexity from the other side. In other words to make it easier to cope with OER and Web 2.0 tools for education.
  • Grow the understanding of the use of Web 2.0 tools and OERs and their importance on the educational level, while lessening their complexity.

How does it work?: A website or web app, or Firefox plugin that will help whoever use it to access and efficiently use new technology and OERs for educational aims. --more to come--

Similar projects: There are several tutorials for how to use current web tools and OER, but none explicitly tell you how to use them for educational purposes. We can use these tutorials or collect user experience into generating these methods to help people make full advantage of Web tools and OERs. --more to come after some research--

Open Technology

basically I'm copy pasting some of other users Ideas here, but I'm eager to tomorrow's seminar:

  • Wordpress MU
  • Moodle
  • Modified Weave?
  • Elgg
  • MediaWiki
  • Drupal
  • OpenGoo
  • Firefox Plugin
  • Normal Website with interesting intensive interactivity (flash, JavaScript, ...)

--more to come-- flash is not open, the others I think so.

Open Content / Licensing

What types of content are you using or producing, and how are they licensed. Do you need to clear copyright for any of them? Are there institutional policies that affect what you can (or cannot) do? I have no clue about this part. I need help with it.

Open Pedagogy

How do participants learn? What forms of assessment are you using? --will be added later--

Diagram / Sketch

None yet..