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SeaMonkey/Thunderbird [Remove Account] button

I hate the [Remove Account] button in Mail & Newsgroups Account Settings! BUG (SM help component): It's not documented in the Help, BUG: it's a mystery as to what it'll do, it doesn't end in ... so there's no way to find out what it will do.

Is its behavior like ?

"If you have accidentally deleted one of your mail accounts by clicking on the "Remove Account" button in Thunderbird, this does not mean that your mail has actually been deleted from your computer." Apparently code is shared with Thunderbird.for SeaMonkey?

ENHANCEMENT (MailNews Core: Account Manager): Seems to me: [Remove Account...] > ( ) Delete all NN messages and N folders under this account ( ) Move all messages and folders under this account to new folder under "Local Folders" named "Old <ACCOUNT NAME> messages"

This overlaps with bug 274452, "When accounts are removed, files associated with that account are not deleted". Fixing that would make the incomprehensible undocumented behavior even more destructive. Google reveals lots of users plaintively asking 'clicked "Remove Account" prematurely', 'remove account - email lost forever?', etc.

As bug 128744 comment #6 says, "Mozilla should always ask if it should do this. Some people need that the mail files remain intact after removing an account."