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Short description: Creating an open writing platform for K-12 students, that integrates the curriculum and assessment options.

Audience: Teachers, and others looking for open writing platforms.

Goals: Create a platform that scaffolds technical arts for both teachers and students, and making it easier to access form school.

How does it work?: Not sure yet.

Similar projects: Write about similar projects or initiatives, how your project can learn from them and extend what the have done - or how you could collaborate. Know what others are doing!

Open Technology

Describe the main tools and applications you intend to use to implement the project. Are they open?

Open Content / Licensing

We will have to have access to these documents:

Any needed curricula (Canadian at the very least).

I foresee major hurdles in getting CC licensing for student created work, because of security concerns and the current policies of the school boards. More research is needed into these areas.

Open Pedagogy

How do participants learn? What forms of assessment are you using?