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Misc. todos for 0.3 release preparation

  • Sunbird:
    • Enable official branding on all Tinderboxes
    • Switch update channel to release
    • Bump version number to 0.3 (mozilla/calendar/sunbird/config/version.txt)
    • Bump file version to 0,3,0,0 (mozilla/calendar/sunbird/app/module.ver)
  • Lightning: bug 351566
    • Bump version number to 0.3
    • Disable support for Firefox;
    • Fix em:homepageURL to point to release notes;
    • Fix em:description?
  • QA, Release candidate
    • 1st RC after most issues have been fixed
    • Public testday?
    • 2nd RC after remaining issues fixed (if necessary)
  • Build:
    • Inform Mozilla developers/stuff about our planned release time period.
    • Ask Mozilla developers/stuff if there are risky trunk landings planned for that period.
    • Ensure that we have fast access to build engineer in case of build/tinderbox problem
  • Bugzilla:
    • Add Lightning 0.3 and Sunbird 0.3 to Version field
  • During official release:
    • Upload builds to ftp server
    • Apply release tag (SUNBIRD_0_3_RELEASE) to TRUNK
    • Apply release tag (LIGHTNING_0_3_RELEASE) to MOZILLA_1_8_BRANCH
    • Provide source tarball for Sunbird
    • Provide source tarball for Lightning
    • Announce on Webpage, Blog, Forum, Newsgroup, ...
    • Make Lightning available via extension update in Thunderbird bug 348066
  • After official release:
    • Bump version number to 0.4a1 (see also bug 315315)
    • party
    • vacation