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HowTo repackage Lightning for Linux and Windows

The purpose of this document is to provide a short tutorial on how to repackage Lightning so that it ships all binaries parts for Linux and Windows and can be installed in a shared profile.

Basically you'll need to:

For Thunderbird 3.0 you'll need Lightning 1.0b1 and for Thunderbird 3.1 it works with Lightning 1.0b2!

  • rename both .xpi files to .zip and extract them to the same folder
  • create new subfolder ./platform/Linux_x86-gcc3/components
  • create new subfolder ./platform/WINNT_x86-msvc/components
  • move all *.so files from ./components to ./platform/Linux_x86-gcc3/components
  • move all *.dll files from ./components to ./platform/WINNT_x86-msvc/components
  • The final folder structure should look like
 + chrome
 + components
 + defaults
 + js
 + platform
    + Linux_x86-gcc3
       + components
    + WINNT_x86-msvc
       + components
 + chrome.manifest
 + install.rdf
  • open file ./install.rdf with text editor and search for em:targetPlatform
  • change the line to
  • package all files in a new zip archive and rename it from .zip to .xpi

This does also work on 64bit systems!