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  • Increase engagement by the localizers and the transparency of l10n work
  • Encourage new localizers to start
  • Ensure new projects are localizable

Iteration 01

download pdf L10n Home redesign.png

Axel: Per stas, the URL for this is Poses some interesting questions on how far we're actually able to affect the layout of that page.

Stas: We can use wiki syntax to create a table or divs with inline css. I'd like every of the 5 boxes to live as a separate page (possibly under L10n:Home/Localize, L10n:Home/Tools etc) and be included in the main homepage's source with {{}} syntax. This will help us avoid editing the table/div soup of the homepage whenever an edit to content is needed.

Axel: Some things overlap with, I guess? I'd lobby for the l10n.m.o to be to be the primary target to point localizers to.

Stas: would be an index page for our wiki contents, a user-friendly list of links to adequate category pages. Also, a good starting point for devs and PMs (due to highly exposed "i18n" section, which wouldn't be present on l.m.o, targeted at localizers)

Axel: Need to figure out how to bridge the gap between MDC content and wikimo.

Stas: That's a tough one. As per the IRC chat with Pike, we could choose to create redirect pages on wikimo for every page on mdc, so that we can label them correctly with wikimo's categories. Here's an example: (see the wikisyntax at
Another solution would be to link to tag pages (listing all pages tagged with a keyword) on MDC from the category pages on wikimo.
Also, I expect that if we follow the guidelines from closely, the l10n-related pages will create rather closed clusters, of which there will be a manageable number. For example:
  1. creating new localizations (translating, using tools, building langpacks and repacks, testing)
  1. i18n-ing your projects (writing localizable code and copy, setting up the infra for your project)
  1. (other, like: hacking our tools)
Each of these clusters could have a proper tag, or a main page on MDC linked to from category pages on wikimo.

Axel: I'd not call l10n-drivers "Team", that sounds to selfish to me.

Stas: "Drivers updates" ?