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Thomas Bassetto
Personal Information
City: Paris
Country: France
Mozilla-specific Information
Wiki-Userame: Tbassetto
Mentor: User:Henx
Miscellaneous Information
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Website: Thomas's Website
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IRC: tbassetto on in


I am a JavaScript developer at Joshfire and Open Web lover. I organize several events here in Paris : Paris Hackers (for Hacker News readers), ParisJS (for JavaScript developers) and PhoneGap Paris (for mobile web developers).

When I was a student, I had more time to volunteer for Mozilla. I've been an administrator for the biggest French-speaking Mozilla community site (, I helped at the Mozilla booth during conferences, etc.


I've attended :

  • EU MozCamp 08
  • EU MozCamp 09
  • Mozilla Summit 10
  • FOSDEM 2006
  • FOSDEM 2008
  • FOSDEM 2011
  • Various ubuntu parties where Mozilla was present, etc.

During the last Paris Hackers event I've organized, I've invited Tristan Nitot (Mozilla Europe founder, now Mission Evangelist) to talk about Mozilla's mission ;)

Also, on the ParisJS meetup in June 2011, I gave an "Overview of awesome Mozilla Labs projects".

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