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From the Mozilla Summit, we need a triage drop-down field in Bugzilla that users cannot set on bug creation and requires edit-bugs privileges to change.

Proposed field values:

  1. -- (No triager has worked with the bug)
  2. Needs-additional-triage (Another triager should see if it needs any additional action)
  3. Needs-user-input (The reporter/someone needs to provide more information)
  4. Needs-qa-input (QA needs to provide information)
  5. Needs-developer-input (A developer/module owner needs to provide information)
  6. Needs-steps-to-reproduce (The reporter/someone needs to provide new/better STR)
  7. Needs-reduced-testcase (The reporter/someone needs to reduce the testcase)
  8. Triage-complete (No other triage action needed)
  9. Triage-not-needed (No triage needed to begin with)