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- The Topsite Tests are based on the Sisyphus Test-framework and use the Spider Extension to load the Websites.

With the TopSite Tests we are able to search for Memory Leaks, Assertions and Crashes. All Testsresults are recorded into one logfile and can processed through scripts and/or grep queries.

We have currently a set of Topsite Lists (from 500 URL's to 1 Million URL's) and so we are flexible what test and how many sites we test. There are also different levels of how deep the Test goes. As example we can Test only Frontpages (Deep 0) or also all Links 1 Level Deep or even deeper!

A typical 100.000 Topsite Test on Frontpages take about 1-2 Weeks.

We can run this tests on all platforms (Windows XP, Linux and Mac 10.5/6). The Tests for Windows and Linux are done by dedicated VM's hosted on one ESXi Server.

Current Tests done on all Platforms are currently focused on Firefox 4.

This included a 1 Million TopSite run and also smaller Testruns for Firefox 4 Beta Builds etc