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About Me

I am an Open Source enthusiastic, web developer and Mozilla lover.
My Journey with Mozilla started in May 2013, when I volunteered a workshop on opensource oraganized by Mozilla.
My major contribution area is App development and community building.
I have been part of and organized various mozilla events/ app-dev workshops throughout Rajasthan.
I have also been developing few apps for firefox Marketplace.
Recently I have started to resolve bugs at Bugzilla

Apps @ MarketPlace

I have developed various apps using HTML5, CSS3 and JS.

  1. Bubble Shooter - an interactive HTML5 Game
  2. Stay Fit - an app to track your BMI and gives fitness tips
  3. Find me Google - helps you to track your nearby public amenity like police, hospital
  4. Personal Diary - stores your personal scribbling day by day (using Indexed DB)
  5. F1 Feeder - Brings you live F1 standings
  6. M4 Maths - an interactive mind game.


I was involved into various events which were focused on promoting Mozilla in India and majorly Firefox OS and App Development.


  1. Organized Minicamp in Jaipur:
  2. Dev Meetup Jaipur:
  3. InfoMoz @ UOR :


  1. Mozinar @ Udaipur :
  2. InfoMoz @ UOR :
  3. Dev Meetup Jaipur :
  4. MozBoot @ JIET Jodhpur :
  5. webmaker Party

Blog Posts

  1. Mozinar @ Udaipur :
  2. Minicamp @ Jaipur:
  3. InfoMoz @ UOR :
  6. Dev Meetup @ Jaipur:
  7. MozBoot @ JIET Jodhpur :

Contributions Links

  1. Apps @ marketplace :
  2. Simple CSS3 tutorial to use animations :
  3. Submitted Demos at MDN :
  4. Resolved Couple of BUgs at Bugzilla :
  5. Developed an addon for Firefox :